Mr Bijumon Kurien, NAPP Chair

Bijumon Kurien is the President of the Manarcadu Social Service Society, an SPO in Kerala, India where he has been a member for more than 15 years. His SPO has been fairtrade certified since 2009, and produces Coffee, Cocoa, Herbs & Spices, Fruits and Nuts.

Bijumon has a Business Administration diploma and a graduation degree in Chemistry. He has also been trained on Skill developments in Organic farming (Lacon / Control Union India ) spices value addition (Spices Board, CFTRA), coffee practices( Coffee Board), effective international Marketing and strategic planning of Producer at SES, Germany& PUM Netherlands.

Mr R Gnanasekran, NAPP Vice Chair

Mr. R Gnanasekran is the Project Manager of Idulgashina Bio Tea Project of Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd. (Idulgashina Bio Tea Garden), Sri Lanka, which is a certified producer of organic Fairtrade tea for more than a decade as a hired labour set-up. He has a High School Diploma and professional qualification in Business Management & Human Resources. He is also trained in FLO CERT certification system, ISO 22000 and JASS.

Ms Rakhat Borbieva, Treasurer

Ms. Rakhat Borbieva is an active member of 2 Fairtrade certified SPOs: Bio Farmer and Kyrgyz Wealth of Forest from Kyrgyzstan. She has a diploma in law and English language and also holds a graduation degree in jurisprudence/law and foreign language.

She has also been trained on Skill developments in Organic farming, Global G.A.P. Certification Standardand Fairtrade System. She works in Agricultural Commodity Service Cooperative “Bio-Farmer” as an inspector of Internal Control System in Kyrgyzstan.

Members in Alphabetical Order:

Mr Adi Armiyadi,

Adi Armiyadi was born and raised in the Gayo Highlands of Aceh Indonesia. He was born to parents who worked as a smallholder farmer andcoffee trader, therefore, the coffee business became his choice by birth

He worked as an Internal Control System for 3 years at KBQ Baburrayyanand later became Secretary of the Coffee Cooperative until now. He is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Fairtrade Producers Association and a board member of NAPP Board. He currently dedicates his time to support NAPP’s vision and to improve the market capabilities of Fairtrade producers.

Mr. Edirisinghe Arachchillage Nandakumara,

Mr. Edirisinghe Arachchillage Nandakumara is the President of Small Organic Growers Association, Sri Lanka. He manages the organic tea cultivation and ensures the human resource department works in compliance with the requirements of the international certification system such as Fairtrade Labeling Organization.

He was elected as the member of NAPP board from 2018 onwards.

Mr. Muniraju K Shivanna,

With 12+ years of hands-on horticultural / agricultural crop management expertise(including Organic and Fairtrade Standards), Muniraju K Shivanna reputed to operate with strict quality management standards. With Post-Graduation Degree from a University in Environmental Science he is working on holistic and multidimensional approach to Agriculture/Environment exclusively in organic farming as per IFOAM guidelines, covering technical procedure as per NOP & NPOP, Social and Democratic Standards as per Flocert for economical, ecological, and socio-cultural developments of farming communities and workers.

Since from 2014 to 2018 he worked as Board member and Treasurer for Association of Indian Fairtrade Producers (National Network) as one of the key member organised knowledge exchange programs between Indian and Fijian Sugar Producers, initiated YICMBR project to involve youth monitoring system for sugar cooperatives, Sugar Indicator Study to analyse the impact of Fairtrade, Planning for Climate Change Adaptation project with farming communities in India and many other such programs for the benefits of Sugar Cooperatives in India.

He is elected Sugar Coordinator as one of the key members responsible for strategic planning, stakeholder relations and governance in which capacity he led work on making the Regional Producer Networks co-owners of the Fairtrade system within Asia & Pacific regions covering Sugar SPOs.

Apart from above experience he holds two JRF’s and Summer Research Fellowship from IISc., India and many other awards. He also worked close association with Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka INDIA for the promotion of Organic Agriculture by establishing and promoting 14 Federation. He helped federation technically for the Organic Survey for entire state and provided value addition technology based on the availability of produce. He also served National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) in evaluation organic projects and impact studies. He has strong knowledge in supply chain management and instrumented in creating such platforms for many farming communities to develop direct marketing.

Educational Background
Post Graduate in Environmental Science from Bangalore University

Mr Prabindra Singh,

Mr. Prabindra Singh is the President of Lautoka Cane Producers’ Association, Fiji, a Fairtrade certified sugarcane producer from last two years. He is a cane growing farmer himself and has also received training on child labour prevention and management. He holds a high school diploma.

Ms Pham Thi Huyen Anh,

Pham Thi Huyen Anh is the chairwoman of Po Ko Fair Agricultural Cooperative (Pô Kô Farms), a SPO in Kon Tum, Vietnam. She is young generation of Pô Kô Farms which has been Fairtrade certified since 2009, specializes in growing and producing high quality Robusta coffee with unique Dak Ha region flavor. Before becoming chairwoman, she has supported and worked for the cooperative for approximately 10 years as so many positions, such as Sales Support Officer, Program Coordinator, Accountant, Strategic Planning Consultant, Sales and Marketing manager.

Ms. Anh has a graduation degree in International Trade, Vietnam Foreign Trade University. She has also been trained on Accounting (University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City), Sustainable Agriculture ( Community Develoment Center), Internal Control System (UTZ certified organization), women empowerment (CECEM and Oxfarm project),marketing coaching progamme (Trade for Development Centre (TDC)), Sustainable Branding and Copywriting (Plato Brand Academy).She is young, dynamic, creative and loves to encourage farmers, especially women development.

Mr Sandrico Cornelio,

Mr. Sandrico Cornelio is a small farmer with Nakalang Padilla Farm Workers Association, Philippines. The SPO is a certified producer of Fairtrade sugarcane.

Mr Sandrico has been a smallholder sugarcane farmer for many decades, and represents the small producers in the Fairtrade system at NAPP.

Mr Titus Gerard Beverly Pinto,

Mr. T.G.B.Pinto is the Director on the Board of – ‘The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited’ with an experience of 39 years in Plantation.

He has been Chairman of The Nilgiri Planters Association and Planters Association of Tamilnadu for 2 years each and presently on the Executive Committee of The United Planters Association of Southern India which is the 1st tea Company to be certified by Transfair Germany.

Mr. Zhao xinrong,

Mr. Zhao xinrong is the vice chair of international fairtrade China small producers’ organization and the secretary general of shaoxing shangyu graham tea farmers association.He was educated in agriculture and law and holds a diploma.

Mr. Zhao xinrong has been engaged in the production and sales of organic tea since 1999, and he has been engaged in the production and sales of fairtrade tea since 2011.At present, he is committed to supporting local tea farmers in organic tea planting and production, and benefiting small producers through fairtrade business development, so as to promote the sustainable development of tea industry.