Executive Leadership

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan – Chief Executive Officer

Kuldeep is associated with Network of Asia & Pacific Producers (NAPP) since it’s inception in various capacities including wide ranging interaction and work with producer organizations  across Asia Pacific. Since the beginning Kuldeep has been supporting the governance structure and operational work of NAPP.  He along with colleagues  was instrumental in establishing and integrating producer led country and regional networks in Asia Pacific region within the NAPP resulting in a strong democratic platform and foundation pillar of the organization. He can be reached at kuldeep.chauhan@fairtradenapp.org

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Erwin Novianto – Regional General Manager South East Asia 

Erwin Novianto manages the producer support services and programmes that strengthen the national producer network, partnership, and advocacy work across the Southeast Asia region. His expertise includes ethical certification, organisation development, co-operative management, adult education training, and project management. He can be reached at erwin.novianto@fairtradenapp.org

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Ranjith Kumar – Regional General Manager (South & Central Asia)

Ranjith Kumar is mission focused professional with 28 years of experience of working in the rural sector. His experience spans over different verticals in rural society. He has worked with Multinationals like British Petroleum in their alternative energy department providing cooking solutions to the rural women. He has incubated rural enterprises when with Vilgro (an organization working in the field of incubating innovations that impact rural population). He has been associated with setting up of farmer organizations and ensuring long term sustainability of their operations. While with International Competence Centre of Organic Agriculture he has worked with the Government in implementing government funded projects on organic agriculture. He has worked in planning and implementing of business development strategies for the “Base of the Pyramid”. He is a team player comfortable working with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. In NAPP he has the responsibility of overseeing the organization’s activities in South and Central Asia.