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The NAPP Board comprises 100% of producer representatives from Asia and Pacific.

Mr Bijumon Kurien, NAPP Interim Chair

Bijumon Kurien is the President of the Manarcadu Social Service Society, an SPO in Kerala, India where he has been a member for more than 15 years. His SPO has been fairtrade certified since 2009, and produces Coffee, Cocoa, Herbs & Spices, Fruits and Nuts.

Bijumon has a Business Administration diploma and a graduation degree in Chemistry. He has also been trained on Skill developments in Organic farming (Lacon / Control Union India ) spices value addition (Spices Board, CFTRA), coffee practices( Coffee Board), effective international Marketing and strategic planning of Producer at SES, Germany& PUM Netherlands.

Mr R Gnanasekran, NAPP Vice Chair

Mr. R Gnanasekran is the Project Manager of Idulgashina Bio Tea Project of Stassen Natural Foods (Pvt) Ltd. (Idulgashina Bio Tea Garden), Sri Lanka, which is a certified producer of organic Fairtrade tea for more than a decade as a hired labour set-up. He has a High School Diploma and professional qualification in Business Management & Human Resources. He is also trained in FLO CERT certification system, ISO 22000 and JASS.

Mr Djumhur Bin Abu Bakar, Member

Djumhur Bin Abu Bakar is the Certification Manager of Permata Gayo Cooperative, Indonesia, where he has been working for more than five years. His SPO has been Fairtrade certified since 2008, and produces Coffee.

Djumhur has a Bachelor degree in Forestry and is completing a Masters in Medium agricultural land resource conservation. He has received training on Resource Gathering based Spatial Ecosystem and Encouraging Environmental Services, Standard Fairtrade Certificate, and Standard Comprehension Training Network Rainforest Alliance for sustainable agriculture.

Mr Bahadur Singh Bajwal, Member

Mr. Bahadur Singh Bajwal is the President of Fair Farming Foundation Ramnagar which is promoted by Nature Bio-Foods Ltd, India. This contract production set up has been Fairtrade certified for Basmati rice since the last two years. He represents the workers in the contract product setups in India.


Bahadur has completed his intermediate education (A levels). He has been trained on Organic farming, Basics on Fair Trade, Promoting body representatives, Pest & Disease management in Paddy and Floriculture.

Ms Meena Tamang, Member

Ms Meena has been a community health worker for 17 years at Makaibari Tea Estate, she represents the workers in North Indian tea estates (Assam and Darjeeling) the Fairtrade Hired Labour set-up. Makaibari has been Fairtrade certified for more than two decades.

She has completed her matriculation and has received professional training in nursing and midwifery.

Mr Nguyen Dinh Hao, Member

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hao is the Chairman of the Cudliemnong Fair Agriculture Cooperative, Vietnam, a small producer organisation. His SPO has been Fairtrade certified for more than five years as a producer of coffee. As a farmer himself, he received training on FLO-CERT standards, value chain of coffee products, sustainable coffee processing, food hygiene and safety, protection of human rights, safe working environment in India.

He has completed high school education.

Mr Prem C Tamang, Member

Mr. Prem Tamang is the Executive Director of Tea Promoters (India) Pvt. Ltd. His organisation has been Fairtrade certified producer of Herbs, Tea, herbal tea & spices, as a hired labour set up for more than two decades. He represents the managers in the North Indian tea estates (Assam and Darjeeling) of Fairtrade Hired Labour set-up.

Prem has a Bachelor degree in Arts, and has also received many training programs both in-house and external.

Mr Prasannakumar G N, Member

Mr. Prasannakumar G N is the founder, Director for marketing and also a producer member of Prasanna Ganapathi Farmers Foundation, India. This Small Producers’ Organisation has been a Fairtrade certified producer of Coffee, Herbs, herbal tea & spices since last 2 years.

Mr. Prasanna has a Bachelor’s degree in Science (BSc) and Law (LLB).  He has received trainings on organic standards, Fairtrade Standard Human Relation & Man Management, and Soft Skill Training, Qualified Trainer from JCI International Florida, USA.

He also was trained on ‘Kapi shastra’  – a coffee quality production, post-harvest management and brewing technology training, administrating office and business by IACC, and Post-harvest technology of Black Pepper by Spices Board of India.

Mr Romualdo Noble, Member 

Mr. Romualdo Noble represents Asosasyon Sang Mamumugon Sang Nolan (AMANO), Philippines. The SPO is a certified producer of Fairtrade sugarcane for last two years.

Romualdo has been a smallholder sugarcane farmer for many decades, and represents the small producers in the Fairtrade system at NAPP.

Mr R Murali, Member  

Mr. R Murali represents the hired labour set up of Adisham tea estate, India, a Fairtrade producer of tea for last seven years. He is employed as a watcher in the tea estate. He represents the workers in Sri Lanka of the Fairtrade Hired labour setup at NAPP. He has completed his Grade 10.

Mr Tapan Ray, Member

Mr. Tapan Ray is the MD & CEO of Nature Bio-Foods Ltd, India, a contract production set up for Certified Fairtrade rice.

Tapan has a Master of Science in Agriculture. He has also done a course in foreign trade from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi.

Mr V Muneeswaran, Member  

Mr. V Muneeswaran is a worker at The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd., India, a Hired Labour organization certified by Fairtrade for tea since two decades.

He is educated till high school.  He represents the workers of South Indian Tea Estates in the Fairtrade Hired Labour setup at NAPP.

Mrs Yu Jing Hong, Member       

Mrs Yu Jing Hong is the Chairperson of Jiangxi Wuyuan Xitou Tea Farmers Association, China, a Fairtrade certified Fairtrade tea producer since 2005.

She is a farmer herself, educated in Jiangxi Wuyuan Tea School and is an Economic Engineer. She has also received training in Organic tea production held by ECODERT.

Mr Parbindar Singh, Member   

Mr Parbindar Singh is the President of Lautoka Cane Producers’ Association, Fiji, a Fairtrade certified sugarcane producer from last two years. Mr. Parbinder is a cane growing farmer himself and has also received training on child labour prevention and management. He holds a high school diploma.

Mr. Mohammad Assad, Member

Mr. Assad is General Manager at Talon Sports Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan, a Hired labour organization certified by Fairtrade for sports ball since 1997. Mr. Assad earned his Master’s in 1994 and is also the Lead Auditor for EMS 14001, OHSAS 18001.