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Need based planning session with plantation workers of tea and flower producers in Sri Lanka

By August 30, 2018 No Comments

Need-based planning session was conducted exclusively with plantation workers of tea and flower producers of Sri Lanka Hired Labour Organizations in August 2018 to plan the activities for the upcoming year 2019. A total of 39 participants attended the session with women workers representing about 31% of the total participants.

The planning session was unique as it was driven by the workers themselves. The workers identified the issues they are facing by listing them, prioritizing the most important of them by assigning a relative ranking. The assigning of ranks was based on the number of supporters for each listed need/issue. Then, the topmost priorities were agreed upon and the root causes of the problem were identified. Possible solutions were developed for the prioritized needs/issues. There is dire need to conduct such sessions with adequate time allocation to come with a comprehensive planning.

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