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Producer visit to Specialty Coffee Association of Japan(SCAJ) 2018

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“How to sell more Fairtrade certified coffee?” is always a question posed by farmers.  It is also NAPP’s concern and priority. The executive team of NAPP always finds opportunities for producers to connect with the market to sell more products on Fairtrade terms to increase the income of producers.

In September 2018, The Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) organized 15th SCAJ for World Specialty Conference and Exhibition. Fairtrade Japan had its booth in the SCAJ for the first time which provided an opportunity for the Fairtrade certified coffee producers to introduce Fairtrade coffee to Japan’s market. Coffee producers from Indonesia and Vietnam visited the event from NAPP region. The producers visited many booths at the exhibition to learn how farmers around the world produce quality coffee.

The producers also attend a seminar organized by Fairtrade Japan for sharing and educating Japan customers on Fairtrade.  The audience appreciated Fairtrade’s efforts in getting a better deal for marginalized farmers. Mr. Bijumon Kurian, Chairman of NAPP shared that NAPP is currently working on climate change mitigation and adaptation project through the establishment of Climate Change school.

One of the producers shared the experience of attending the SCAJ event – “As a farmer, I never believed that I would have any chance of visiting SCAJ event. Being a Fairtrade member, I had a chance not just only to visit the SCAJ event but also to learn a lot from the trip on how to produce good quality coffee and deal with traders to sell my products on Fairtrade terms. Now I feel that I am confident about the change in my farm and cooperative”.

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