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Meet the Producers

Meet some of the farmers and workers who grow our food and fibre. Read some inspiring stories of Fairtrade-certified producer organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Locavore Coffee: From Bean to Cup


pic-1Over the last three decades, Vietnam has become the second largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil, with the aid of government investment in the expansion of the coffee export sector. But now Fairtrade-certified Vietnamese coffee producers are training their eyes on the local market by producing a special brand of coffee powder locally.

Read more here.

A tea estate steeped in commitment to women empowerment

Stassen Tea Estate, Sri Lanka

lalitharanjineMeet two women supervisors who are representing their tea estates and becoming the voice of their people. Lalita and Ranjine are dedicated and sincere workers who are with Bio Tea at Stassen Tea Estate in Sri Lanka. Read more here.

A strong aroma of prosperity and promise

Ea Kiet Fair Agriculture Cooperative, Vietnam  

Ea Kiet
The Ea Kiet is the first smallholder farmers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to own and operate their own Fairtrade-certified coffee washing machine. The project is just one milestone in this Fairtrade-certified cooperative’s journey, which started in 2008. Read more here.


Paving the road to change

Cud Lie Mngong Fairtrade Agriculture Cooperative, Vietnam

Cudliemnong2Over a hundred households have come together to form the Cud Lie Mnong Fairtrade Agriculture Cooperative (CUDLIEMNONG). They are all smallholder farmers, with land holdings ranging from 0.5 to eight hectare and by coming together as a cooperative, the farmers are reaping benefits as a community. Read more here.

Early Sounds of Success for South East Asia’s First All-Women Coffee Cooperative

Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo, Indonesia


Deeply ingrained cultural traditions meant women coffee farmers in rural Aceh, Indonesia, would sit quietly in meetings, keeping their opinions to themselves. Now, having formed their own Fairtrade cooperative, they have given themselves a voice. Read more here.



Coffee Rooted in Rich Soil is Life – Cultivating Organic Coffee in Sumatra

Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan, Sumatra

csm_KBQB_sobur_coffee_farmer_855e076021Some of the best coffee in the world is grown on the steep wooded slopes of Central Aceh’s highland in Northern Sumatra. The tropical climate, fertile soils and high altitudes of this mountainous region provide the perfect conditions for Arabica coffee.

The Fairtrade coffee farmers of Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan (KBQB), located in Takengon and Bener Meriah, founded their coffee business in 1995. Comprising 106 villages across two districts, the cooperative and all its facilities are owned by the 7,824 farmer members. The farmers of KBQB understand that there are many factors that contribute to a delicious cup of coffee, but they have learned through experience that it all begins with the earth that supports their coffee bushes. Read more about them here.

A voice for tea workers in Sri Lanka

Stassen Bio Estate, Sri Lanka

Tea is an essential part of the economy in Sri Lanka employing over a million people. Effects of soil erosion, climate change, and the rights of workers have pushed sustainability to the forefront. At Stassen Bio Estate, sustainability is not a trend but an integral way of life since 1992, when it decided to become a Fairtrade certified plantation.

It is the Fairtrade Premium Committee, made up of the workers themselves, not management, which is perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of Fairtrade. The Committee ensures that the top concerns are addressed and that the workers and their families (and the community) receive an immediate benefit. Read more about it here.

Plant Doctor helps farmers in India go further

Manarcadu Social Services Society (MASS), India

Each day csm_Sunny-Babu-plant-doctor_7ded2d8a33Sunny Babu rises with the birds: 4am is the best time to really see what’s happening with plants.

As the resident plant doctor serving the needs of 1,000 Fairtrade farmers in the Manarcadu Social Services Society (MASS) of Kerala, India, Babu has a lot on his plate.

He might visit banana or spice farmers to check their plants for small pests or signs of disease, or he will teach farmers how to irrigate their plants. Read more here.

Tea growers build school in Vietnam

Nam Khat Cooperative, Vietnam

In 2005, having decided to sell tea to increase their income the villagers of Nam Lanh, in north Vietnam, were able to improve their standard of living. Fairtrade has brought additional benefits that have enabled the villagers to improve their school. Read more here.