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Fairtrade International Chair Person and NAPP Chair Person visit to the Thai Rice Producer in Amnatcharoen Province, Thailand

By October 23, 2018 No Comments

Fairtrade International Chair Person and NAPP Chair Person visited one of the Thai Rice producers in Thailand in August 2018. During the visit, they interacted with Mrs. Thongdee Pasurat- a Fairtrade certified rice producer who owns a three-acre of rice field to understand her current situation, challenges and opportunities in farming. Mrs. Pasurat also practices garden plantation along with rice farming as it responds to sustainable agriculture in Thailand.

The group members had gathered for a discussion over challenges and opportunities of current Thai rice situation. The meeting was productive as it helped both producer members and Fairtrade International Chair to exchange ideas and experiences.

During the visit, a Fairtrade Premium Project was visited. It was learned that the producer members are directly empowered and have autonomy over the development of their own communities through the Fairtrade premium generated. They have the sole right to invest it democratically in a range of social development projects. One such example is a Water Development project at Gaikam, funded by Fairtrade Premium investment of 959 USD, which is currently supplying drinking water to more than 100 families within the vicinity.

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