Meet Our Youth Leader

Meet Ankur Chauhan, a self-driven young lad from Bhoojal Mrada Urvarta Sanrakshan Samiti; FLO ID 40505; India who believes that innovation, technology, cross-learning from different farming communities, and intergenerational knowledge are the key to enticing youth to become farmers.

‘’Youth comes with a fresh mind, have fresh ideas and are energetic. They can come up with new innovative ideas to support the older generation in the field. They have a good education, good communication skills, admirably adapted to the latest information and digital technology to drive the coop forward. Therefore, organizations world-wide are appointing youth leaders to come up with a new vision.

To inspire the younger generations to join agriculture, the priority in my organisation would be to build and strengthen our credibility in the field with innovations and technology and stand as an example. Our Coop is already doing it. We are aggressively working on drip irrigation technologies, due to which delegates from across the country come to visit our farm. It has created a huge interest among the youth who have taken up farming or are planning to enter the profession, and among the older generation farmers as well. Youth have the advantage of easily understanding and adopting such technologies’’

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