Anwar Khawaja Industries Pvt Ltd.

Anwar Khawaja Industries Pvt Ltd.

Product: Sportsball

FLO ID: 2933

Country: Pakistan

Year Fairtrade Certified: 2012

Organisation type: Hired Labour

Organisation Details

Anwar Khawaja Industries was founded in 1964.

Fairtrade Certification

Since AKI was Fairtrade certified, AKI’s image has improved with respect to its social compliance. Through Fairtrade Standards, the workers’ lives have improved with better working conditions, working environment and developed conditions of employment. Anwar Khawaja Industries achieved Fairtrade Certification  in 2012.

Factory workers as well as seamstresses have received trainings on Fairtrade Standards, conditions of employment, health and safety.

Fairtrade Benefits/ Premium

AKI has a Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC) which decides what to do with the Fairtrade Premium. They have until now invested the money to improve health care, clean drinking water and education by reducing dropouts and combat illiteracy.

Social Benefits

The Fairtrade Premium has gone towards school supplies for the students. At least, 800 children benefit from the Fairtrade Premium.

As part of their cultural activities, a study/leisure trip was organised for for seamstresses, in which 83 women and 10 men attended.


The draining system is poor and the cooperative hope to gain clean drinking water with Fairtrade Premium. It has already been installed regular monitoring tests and a new deep bore and water testing in Dhillam village benefitting over 100 families. The Fairtrade Premium Committee has decided to start a filtration plant maintenance and they want to install a water cyclone for smoke too.