Coping with Crisis (COVID-19)

Dear Friends of Fairtrade NAPP,

We value your effort and concern that you are showing by extending a helping hand to our producer members in this time of crisis.

As countries and markets take stock of the situation closer to home and try to balance between saving lives and protecting livelihoods, we at NAPP are in constant touch with our members to better understand the ground realities.

In most areas the lockdown continues and there is a growing feeling that it may be extended even further. Some relaxations have been made in the agriculture sector to help farmers and workers to work on their farms safely to protect their crops and earn a living.

All channels of communication are open and we continue to reach out to our producer organisations to propose ways for effective crisis management. Majority of our producers with limited funds at their disposal have taken the lead in conducting awareness programs and campaigns, providing medical supplies and rations to their farmers and workers.

To effectively deal with any crisis or its aftermath, it is important to first focus on what’s important and then find support. All Fairtrade stakeholders are coming together to act as one and support the most vulnerable at the bottom of the pyramid who are the hardest hit.

If you are interested to get an updated Business report and know more about the impact this black swan event is having on our members, please contact:

Partnerships and Advocacy Manager:

Marketing and Communications Manager:

Once again, I extend sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire organisation and its members for your support in this time of need.


Sanjeet Singh Khurana / Chief Operations Officer

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