Executive Leadership

Sanjeet Singh Khurana – COO, FT NAPP

An agri-business professional with over 30 years of experience in plantation management and farmer development programs in the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked with major Agro MNCs to develop Greenfield projects and provide linkages throughout the value chain. Having worked in senior management positions gives him the insight to formulate and execute developmental strategies and implement policy decisions relating to GAPs, budgeting and finance, traceability and certification, and company livelihood charter.

His extensive travels in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Brazil helped develop strong networks with commercial and governmental agencies while understanding the diverse plantation cultures and practices.

Being passionate about grass-root level capacity building, he worked closely with farmer groups in Papua New Guinea, Laos, and Thailand to enhance their farm productivity, improve processing and provide market linkages. The impact of climate change on agriculture and its risk-mitigation led him to introduce regenerative systems with carbon sequestration on farms in Laos.

Currently, he is the Executive leader of Fairtrade in the Asia – Pacific Region and brings on board, a strong agri-operational and commercial experience in handling multi stake-holder projects and teams.


Erwin Novianto – Regional General Manager South East Asia 

His expertise includes ethical certification, organisation development, co-operative management, adult education training, and project management. Before joining NAPP, Erwin spent seven years with Fairtrade International as the Regional Manager for Southeast Asia and China where his role involved supervising of services related to Producer Organisation in the region. He has also worked
as a consultant, trainer, and project co-ordinator with international and local NGOs, government bodies in Indonesia and ethical traders from Europe on supply chain development, co-operative education, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable tourism.He can be reached at erwin.novianto@fairtradenapp.org

Ranjith Kumar – Regional General Manager (South & Central Asia)

Ranjith Kumar is a mission focused professional with 28 years of experience of working in rural sector. His experience spans over different verticals in rural society. He has worked with various Multinationals such British Petroleum in their alternative energy department providing cooking
solutions to the rural women, Vilgro in incubating rural enterprises (an organization working in the field of incubating innovations that impact rural population). He has also been associated with setting up of farmer organizations and ensuring long term sustainability of their operations. Before joining NAPP he was working in International Competence Centre of Organic Agriculture and involved in implementing governmental funded projects on organic agriculture. He has worked in planning and implementing of business development strategies for the “Base of the Pyramid”. He is a team player and comfortable working with cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. As a Regional Manager of NAPP he has the responsibility of overseeing the organization’s activities in South and Central Asia. He can be reached at ranjith.kumar@fairtradenapp.org