NAPP signs Mou with “Andijan scientific and experimental station of the Research institute of selection, seed production and agricultural technology of cotton growing”

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Fairtrade NAPP signs Mou with"Andijan scientific and experimental station of the Research Institute of selection, seed production, and agricultural technology of cotton growing" with an objective to:- 

Objectives of the Partnership:
  1. Implement pilots on cutting-edge technologies which will help improve cotton yield and quality or reduce the cost of cultivation. This will increase the incomes of the farmers
  2. Study the effects of climate change on cotton cultivation and recommend both adaptive and mitigative measures and capacity building of cotton producers
  3. Jointly collaborate on submitting proposals for donor-funded projects as well as implementing donor-funded projects that may be awarded
  4. Facilitate and support projects for the Fairtrade cotton producers in Central Asia on request of NAPP
  5. Train cotton farmers of the co-operatives in both Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in aspects related to agronomy of cotton cultivation.
  6. Assist NAPP in networking between other cotton institutes of the region as well as with the government machinery of the three countries namely Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan

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