Planning meeting of rice producers in India – 2019

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Planning meeting of rice producers in India – 2019

The second rice producers meeting w as held in December 2018 in Dehradun, India for the planning of 2019 support activities for rice producers in India by NAPP. The theme of the meeting was “Fairtrade rice producers – planning meeting and way forward”. The meeting was organized in the framework of Fairtrade NAPP support initiative and was attended by 27 delegates from 11 Fairtrade rice producers, covering management staffs from promoting institutions and farmer members themselves

A brief presentation was given on Fairtrade NAPP governance, missions and key focus areas of 2019 with respect to driving sales, improving organizational strength. Delegates were provided an opportunity to understand the holistic approach in implementing the activities for 2019. Later, inputs from the delegates were sourced in the consulting session to draft a detailed plan for implementation.

Brief overview on FT rice markets at global level were presented vis-à-vis other products to the delegates and how it is challenging to increase the size of the market. Emphasis on driving sales was the key discussion point among the members and how it could be achieved. Few initiatives with respect to market intelligence, rigorous capacity building, right structure and resources, readiness for technology adoption, focusing on new and regional markets, result oriented partnerships, premium impact stories, rigorous communications and other focal points were mentioned to take steps to create a roadmap for the year 2019.

During the session, one of the producer organizations shared their story of progress from Contract Production (CP) to Small Producer Organization (SPO) category and how despite challenges they have been able to sustain the organization till date. They also shared about the challenges and issues suffered during the transition phase and how motivation among the members have supported them to continue their organization’s operation.

The session on Fairtrade standards was also covered during the day post discussion on activities and ideas for 2019. The meeting encapsulated with final validation from Fairtrade NAPP and sharing of each member delegates’ experience in participating in the planning process. Further, the team agreed to come together and leverage the true potential through sharing of more Fairtrade information for a wider outreach and benefits in the year 2019.

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