Meet Our Youth Leader

‘’As a youth leader, Fairtrade has provided us with greater access to knowledge and information through various training programs and developmental projects. In our region, the farmers/ producers do not want their children to get into agriculture since they do not consider it as a profitable job. The farmers do not earn monthly salaries and the profits are either annual or seasonal. As a youth, I think that agriculture can be made profitable if we can research more on maximizing productivity within the field. The same can be done by appointing more youth leaders to guide and motivate the farmers. They need not be a farmer but can involve in leading the farmers by providing training, involving in research, and sharing their knowledge from various sources. Fairtrade provided this platform.’’


When asked about her main challenge as an aspiring youth leader she mentions: ‘’People tend to take guidance and advice coming from seniors (above 40-50) more seriously, as opposed to youth. They have a notion that since we are young, we do not know much. I started attending Fairtrade training and programs, gathering knowledge, and sharing within the Cooperative. Now the Coop appoints me to conduct training and impart knowledge to others. The producers appreciate that I have learned so much and they often come to me for help and support.

To make youth leaders, educational support is particularly important. Vocational training can be arranged for women to empower to become entrepreneurs and make an additional income to support their family better such as handicrafts, candle-making, tailoring, etc.’’


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