Talon Sports Pvt Ltd.

Talon Sports Pvt Ltd.

Product: Sportsball, Footwear,
Bags, and Garments

FLO ID: 1629

Country: Pakistan

Year Fairtrade Certified: 2002

Individual members: 65

Organisation type: Hired Labour

Organisation Details

Talon Sports was established in 1995.

Fairtrade Certification

In 1997, the Welfare of Your Workforce motivated Talon Sports to take on the responsibility to adopt socially responsible criteria.

Fairtrade Benefits/ Premium

Talon Sports has started a Medicare program for the local community.

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Social Benefits

Talon Sports has, through social mobilisation, created an enabling working environment for female workers, enrolled kids to formal and non-formal education centres and introduced an economic Medicare system.

Education benefits are given to students as well.


The water is polluted and unfit for drinking, hence Talon Sports provides clean and filtered drinking water to the community.

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Talon Sports protect the environment by conducting risk assessment of its production processes and by reducing sold waste.