Training on Gender Awareness and Mainstreaming

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Training on Gender Awareness and Mainstreaming for the staff and sub-staff of tea estates in Assam, India

The training on gender awareness and mainstreaming was conducted for 21 participants in Guwahati, Assam. The participants were the staff and sub-staff of various tea estates in the region. The training was organized to ensure that the staff and sub-staff had a basic understanding of gender to enable them to improve their work on the estates. Since the staff and sub-staff are in direct contact with the women workers it was imperative that they understood the difference in the ways of working, and the workload of the women. The participants were very perceptive and receptive to the training.

A separate session on what constitutes sexual harassment, how to report, what is the remedial action to be taken, who is responsible for taking the corrective action, the constitution of the Internal Complaints committee, stakeholder engagement was part of the training. This was followed by a role play citing various situations which could be thought of as sexual harassment.

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