Two Days Comprehensive Training

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Two days comprehensive training for Fairtrade Premium Committee members along with Fairtrade officers in Sri Lanka

In order to strengthen the capacities of Fairtrade Premium Committees of hired labour settings in Sri Lanka, NAPP organized two days training to selected premium committee members of hired labour plantations along with the Fairtrade officers. The training was attended by 25 individual gardens from various tea estates in Sri Lanka. In total, 79 participants attended the training in four phases. Of the total 79 participants, 27 were female. The unique thing about this programme is that all working documents are provided in Tamil language for the first time straight to the workers on how to strengthen and build up their societies without depending on other parties.


The objective was to implement a sustainable in-house system to perform a successful activity of an association without depending on management and create awareness and enhance knowledge to minimize the association related non-compliances.

Various training methodologies were used during the training such as practical/ writing session through printed materials, brainstorming through group activities, role plays and problem-solving sessions.

During the training, participants were trained on how to maintain the required records and documents, financial statements and meeting minutes, carry out election process, proper premium funds utilization and on how to eliminate fund mishandling. The participants were also trained on the process of planning of premium projects, evaluating a premium project and the importance of evaluation, selection procedure of best Fairtrade premium projects for annual rewarding.