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Weldone Welbeck

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Weldone Welbeck by Welbeck Estates; FLO ID- 544

Welbeck Estates was integrated as a part of the amalgamation group of STANES AMALGAMATED ESTATES, popularly known as SAE in 1961. SAE is beautifully carpeted over the Nilgiris and over time has earned a niche for itself in the tea industry. It attaches prime importance to the environment and the teas are grown in a hazard and pollution free environment, maintaining ecological balance. Teas of the entire group are 100 % pesticide free. Prime importance is given to employee welfare. It provides educational, healthcare and recreational facilities to its employees. Welbeck is one of the largest estates under SAE and produces one of the finest grown orthodox black teas and organic green tea in India. The estate is 150.01 hectares and has got 120 workers.

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