Greetings from Fairtrade NAPP on

International Labour Day!

Fairtrade NAPP currently supports 302 producer organizations with more than 250000 farmers and workers who work across 21 countries in Asia Pacific region. Despite, the numerous social, economic, and trade challenges posed by the pandemic, they remain committed to a sustainable and impactful agriculture supply chain. Being a part of the Fairtrade movement, we work to ensure better conditions for our farmers and workers

As a Producer Network, owned by farmers and producers in Asia and Pacific region, we believe in providing them with equal opportunities along with safe and secure working conditions. We take steps to achieve trade justice by maintaining a transparent supply chain and supporting farmers to achieve living income and contribute positively to the communities around them. We are fully committed to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our work is aimed to mitigate, prevent, cease, and remediate discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, or other status including eliminating all forms of human exploitation that still exist in many industries. We recognise and strive towards equal social and economic rights for all our members.

A substantial portion of the Fairtrade Premium amount is invested by our producer organisations towards various sustainable development goals such as No hunger, Zero poverty, Good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities, life on land, etc. This has benefitted our farmer and workers, their families, and the communities who have the right to spend the FT premium as they see fit on projects having the maximum impact.

Alongside the current health stigma and oppression arising out of the pandemic, we are witnessing an increasing number of hate crimes. Such violence leads to social stigma, isolation, discrimination, and exclusion from the global community. Though racism is still present in the modern trade system, Fairtrade NAPP along with our producer organisations and partners in the global North have always condemned and will continue to stand against any form of discrimination; race, religion, caste, creed, or gender. We will continue fighting the root causes of abuse and exploitation in any form.

The UN committee responsible for monitoring compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, which 182 countries have ratified, recommends that governments adopt “national action plans against racial discrimination’’. The plans should be laid out with specific approaches to combat racism and discrimination; from enhanced policing of hate crimes to public messaging and education programs encouraging tolerance.

We, as Fairtrade NAPP, stand in support of this Call to Action!

As a global citizen, you can support us by taking a stand against systemic oppression through small acts, such as choosing Fairtrade products which will help change the lives of millions of farmers and workers in Asia and Pacific.  These are the farmers and workers who labour day in and out so that you do not miss out on your favourite cup of tea or coffee in the morning, who ensure the shelves on the supermarkets are always filled with your favourite grocery essentials, and who toil for long hours under the sun to produce and create your beautiful clothing.  As consumers, we ask you to be more mindful of the impact your purchases have in improving the quality of life of the people who feed us.

Remember you have the power to effect change!

Join us on this International Labour Day, to celebrate and recognise the efforts of every individual who is a part of the Fairtrade system and upholds all the principles of human rights and fair-trade practices in their everyday life.  We are proud of our producer members, our progressive farmers and workers, women and youth leaders who aspire to become Agriprenuers and change-makers in the community. Their commitment inspires and supports millions of farmers and workers out there to shape a better and secure future for themselves and their communities.

Rights, Respect, and Dignity for all!       


Sanjeet Singh Khurana

Chief Operations Officer