Fairtrade Premium Impacts

EXALTATION OF BLUE MOUNTAIN by Chamraj Tea Estate under The United Nilgiris Tea estates Co Ltd; FLO ID-508

Signalling a positive change in Singel by Singell Tea Estate under Tea Promoters India; FLO ID-1551

Bringing Joy to Jalinga by West Jalinga Tea Estate; FLO ID- 29907

MAGICAL, MYSTICAL MAKAIBARI by Makaibari Tea Estate; FLO ID- 501

Fulfilling dreams in Phulbari BY Phulbari Tea Estate under Mcleod Russel India ltd; FLO ID- 18013

Weldone Welbeck by Welbeck Estates; FLO ID- 544

Bringing in a Better Borengajuli by Borengajuli Tea Estate under Mcleod Russel India ltd (MRIL); FLO ID- 18013

MORE THAN RESPONSIBLE TEXTILES by Pratibha-Vasudha Jaivik Krishi Kalyan Samiti; FLO ID-4531

‘Tree of life’- the hope for a better livelihood for coconut farmers in Mindanao, Philippines DAVNOR FAIRTRADE COCO FARMERS ASSOCIATION; FLO ID – 38088

Parry Agro Industries FLO ID – 2934

promoting Sustainable Developments of Farmers and Communities in Northern Gujarat THROUGH FAIRTRADE PREMIUM PROJECTS