Food security and living income improvement project by Sisaket Creative Farming Network Community!

Sisaket Creative Farming Network Community is a rice grower group established by 105 members and located in 02 provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand prone to drought. Sisaket and Yasothorn provinces in the Isan region. As Isan is a dry area, without an irrigation system, farmers can produce rice only once a year. With the poor income, it is becoming challenging for the farmers to improve their living quality in spite of the efforts of the Sisaket Creative Farming Network Community to teach them to improve their rice productivity. As such an additional source of income for members become a necessity.

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Product quality control improvement project at Trat Fairtrade Pineapple Farmers Group

Trat Fairtrade Pineapple Farmers Group was established with 41 members. Located in the eastern region of Thailand the group produces fresh pineapple which is then processed into juice and canned products at a processing facility and exported to Europe. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, the processing facility was shut down and the members had to start transporting to another factory approx. 540 km away from the organization adding subsequently to their production cost.

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Project To Support Organic Manure For Soil Health Improvement At Fairtrade Pineapple Growers’ Group.

Fairtrade Pineapple Growers’ Group was established by 44 small farmer families who grow pineapple as the main crop and mango and jackfruit as their secondary crops. With a production area of 400 hectares, the group produces approx. 15,000 MT of pineapple/annum.

Thailand’s economy mainly dependent on tourism has been largely impacted by the pandemic. With the global economy slowing down the demand for agricultural products for both domestic and international consumption has decreased leading to the layoff of many Thai workers and agriculture staff. Many family members of the farmers at the Pineapple Growers Group have lost their job and returned home, which is increasing the household expenses while receiving less income.

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