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NAPP is a representative body of all Fairtrade certified producers in the region of Asia and Pacific. The federated structure of NAPP is constituted of National Networks. National Networks constitute NAPP extension into participating countries and provide grassroots strength. National Networks are made up of all Fairtrade certified producer organizations in each country and representing NAPP in their respective geographies.

Broadly, the National Networks have their own independent decision-making processes and structures with accountability to the parent body that is NAPP. Each National Network is, therefore, a reflection of democratic structure of NAPP at the apex. The NAPP Executive, in consultation with the NAPP board member(s) elected by the general assembly is responsible for rolling out programs beneficial for its membership in the respective country or region. The overall direction, management, budgets, programme guidance, organising support comes from NAPP. The empowered elected board consisting of producers who takes the collective responsibility for strategy approval of the activities and budget allocations from NAPP. The programmes have very clearly defined Key Result Areas (KRAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Social Return on Investment (SROI) as assessment metrics.

From a producer engagement perspective, the member of the NAPP Board, usually the region or country Chair, is the key responsible contact for accountability of finances routed to the network for its activities and programs. The National Networks are responsible for:

  • Organise NAPP members in each country or region and represent NAPP in respective geography.
  • Hold at least one general assembly every three years and elect a new board. The terms of the respective board will be coterminous with NAPP board which is three years.
  • Maintain updated database of membership.
  • Serve as contact point for any request from NAPP and disseminate relevant information to membership.
  • Coordinate between NAPP and producer organizations.
  • Facilitate participation of delegates for NAPP General Assembly and Annual meetings.
  • Facilitate participation of producers in various workshops, training programs, events and meetings.
  • At the National or regional level participate in various forums to influence local policies in favour of member organizations.

The National Networks are responsible to work within the ambit of the NAPP’s programmatic framework. These are broadly classified into various thematic areas.

A separate budget head is available with NAPP for product development and marketing which can be accessed by respective product networks separately. The thematic programme areas are:

  • Climate Change
  • Worker’s and Small Farmer’s Empowerment
  • Gender
  • Child Labour
  • Access to Finance

NAPP’s Producer Service Operating Plan has been developed guided by Fairtrade’s global strategy and regional priorities. Here is a brief summary.

NAPP’s Producer Service Operating Plan