Sustaining Agriculture Trade Through Fairtrade!

Signing of MoU between Fairtrade NAPP and University Syiah Kuala, Indonesia,

SDG 17: Partnership for the goals

On 14th June 2022, Fairtrade NAPP officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University Syiah Kuala to establish cooperation in increasing coffee production and advocacy to empower Fairtrade coffee smallholders in Indonesia.

The ceremony began with a Welcome session and profiling of University Syiah Kuala followed by the signing of the MoU in the presence of officials (virtual and in-person)  from both parties.

Attendees from Fairtrade NAPP: Sanjeet Singh Khurana- CEO, Erwin Novianto- Regional Manager for South East Asia, Bindu Sukumarapillai- Partnerships and Advocacy Manager; Intan Savitri Wahyu and Wardah Hasyim- Program Consultants, and Hadi Syahrizal- Chairman of the Indonesia Fairtrade Producers Association.

Attendees from Syiah Kuala University: Rector: Dr. Ir. Marwan, Chairman of the Senate, Vice-Rectors, Postgraduate Directors; (on line), Coordinator of Aceh Coffee and Cocoa Research center: Abu Bakar Karim, Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Heads of Departments and Secretary of the Department of Agriculture Faculty, Head of Business Development Unit; (online), Head of the USK UKM Center.(online), Other academicians and University students

In his remark Sanjeet Singh Khurana- CEO of Fairtrade NAPP mentioned,

“Through the partnership, the parties will build synergies and share resources for research, advocacy, and direct initiatives that ensure appropriate agricultural practices and sustainably promote trade in coffee and other agricultural commodities in Indonesia. What this would lead to will be an increase in production and quality, promote fair working conditions, fair prices, sustainable practices and standardization of products, and improvements in the value chain among the cooperatives. We would also like to promote cooperative enterprise, entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming, youth engagements, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, environmental protection, disaster management, and market access.”

As per the MoU both  the parties have agreed  to:

  1. Support Fairtrade Coffee producers in Indonesia in increasing production and quality.
  2. Carry out research and advocacy programs, review policies, and promote fair working conditions, fair prices, sustainable practices, standardize products, and improve value chains among cooperatives.
  3. Partner in joint proposals and initiatives to advance common goals related to promoting cooperative enterprises, fair trade practices, cooperative entrepreneurship, and undertaking initiatives related to gender mainstreaming, youth engagement; climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental protection and development, and disaster management and market access in Indonesia.
  4. Organize training and capacity-building programs for youth and women and the vulnerable groups in the community.
  5. Scientific research and development, human resource development, and technological innovation for the development of coffee farming businesses, strengthening farmer organizations, and improving farmer welfare.

“The partnership with the University of Syiah Kuala (USK) , one of the oldest universities in Aceh Province, is made with the objective to support Fairtrade Coffee producers of Indonesia with the expertise of scientists in improving the production and quality”. – Bindu Sukumarapillai- Partnerships and Advocacy Manager; Fairtrade NAPP

The afternoon session was followed by Sanjeet Singh Khurana presenting the overall concept of sustaining agriculture through Fairtrade and a group discussion.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan, Rector -University Syiah Kuala remarks, 

“I am sure that Fairtrade NAPP has played a long role in driving community empowerment and development, especially for small-scale producers in Indonesia and in various other Asia Pacific countries. Therefore, when we had the opportunity to work with Fairtrade NAPP, we were very happy and looked forward to the collaboration that would be fostered in the future. We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Fairtrade NAPP for choosing  Syiah Kuala University, as one of its partners.

In our opinion, Fairtrade Asia-Pacific’s commitment to building the capacity of the Indonesian people is clearly evident from the implementation of its various activities, one of which is supporting coffee farmers to manage their coffee plantations in an environmentally friendly manner, paying attention to social issues and human rights and prioritizing the sustainable welfare of farmers in the Gayo highlands of Indonesia. God willing,  this collaboration will further strengthen the performance of the two institutions in carrying out their functions in relation to community development so that farmers’ welfare can be achieved while continuing to maintain agricultural and environmental sustainability.

We are very confident that this partnership will produce a synergy that benefits both parties and will greatly help coffee farmers in Indonesia. Currently, Syiah Kuala University has adequate human resources to develop education, research, and community service. On the other hand, it has thousands of students who have a high desire and enthusiasm to be involved in community development and empowerment. May we all stand united, in an effort to make traces of truth-based improvement, for generations to come.”