Signing of Mou between Fairtrade NAPP and Telkom Indonesia


An MoU is signed between Fairtrade NAPP and Telkom Indonesia to  the support the Fairtrade certified SPOs (Small Producer Organizations) in Indonesia through the digital platform which can be used as knowledge hub
on production, access to finance, and marketplace. Telkom is a network provider and telecommunication which currently divided their business into 3 digital business domain, Digital Connectivity, Digital Platform, and Digital Services.

The objective of the Partnership is to explore the potential cooperation for the benefits of Fairtrade Small Producer Groups of Indonesia and aims of having strong and sustainable organizations. The producer groups will be connected to various stakeholders in agribusiness through the digital platform of Agree.

The tentative areas of engagement include:

  • Partnering on support of Fairtrade certified small producer Groups in Indonesia.
  • Jointly undertaking pilot projects on affordable and local smart technology and innovation that can improve the transparency of the traceability
  • Exploration on joint proposals and associating in joint initiatives for advancing shared goals relating to get third party funding, that can be submitted by the SPO through the Agree platform.
  • NAPP will provide access to services of Agree by introducing the SPOs to the Agree platform.

Fairtrade NAPP is  working to start  pilot projects for 2 producers in (Aceh) and 2 producers in Java for digital traceability and access to market.

Telkom will support in transmitting any relevant information regarding the implementation of the memorandum of understanding; They will facilitate and support  the Fairtrade producers of NAPP in Indonesia to access
Agree platform and  jointly work with them to access  finance from third party registered on the platform Agree, to access local market, etc.