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EU GRANTS FPA PROJECT TO FAIRTRADEEU Training & EC-FPA Kick-off  Meeting in Bonn, Germany

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ECFPA Team ( Fairtrade International, CLAC, FTA, NAPP)


The EU has awarded Fairtrade International (FI) an FPA project grant that will be implemented by five partner organizations: Fairtrade International, 03 Fairtrade Producer Networks (CLAC Latin America, Fairtrade Africa, Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP)) and Fairtrade Advocacy Office, Brussels.

A recent training was organized by EU for the lead applicant/co-applicants attended by 06 participants from 02 Producer Networks (NAPP and CLAC) and FI. It was hosted by Fairtrade Internationals GRM unit, in order to drive EUs initiative to bring the grant management closer to its broader stakeholders and user community. The training was designed to address the needs of organization and people of the consortium involved in international collaborative EU funded projects. It included key essentials for understanding the EU projects environment such as the rights and obligations of EU funds beneficiaries and also provided step-by-step guidance for the management involved.

The training equipped participants with all the necessary knowledge, skills and reference sources to not only help them understand, tailor and effectively use the training for the coordination of consortium, but also for reporting and communicating effectively.

Post the training, the first EC FPA Kick-off meeting was organized in Bonn, Germany for the 6 participants out of which 33% were women.

Meeting Objective:

  1. Share project’s progress and improve coordination within workstreams and among partners
  2. Review and rollout lessons learned on logframe
  3. Review internal procedures, templates, etc. and agree on coordination measures to improve project’s implementation
  4. Agree workplan and strengthen ways of working
  5. Dealing with issues and challenges

Meeting outcomes:

  1. EC FPA Action Plan proposal
  2. PNs and FI Units update/review of project’s activities and outputs
  3. Clarification on Financial, at consortium level, issues
  4. Commitment from all EC FPA partners to “do their homework”, revised action points (in view of reaching an agreement on new ways of working and coordination) and increase transparency to ensure wider learning and sharing.


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