At the heart of Fairtrade NAPP’s mission lies a strong commitment to supporting its members in accessing markets by promoting fairtrade business model on sustainability and ethical sourcing. One pivotal avenue through which this commitment is realized is the participation of producers in esteemed trade shows like Biofach. Held from 13th to 16th February in Nuremberg, Germany, Biofach is an important business event for the organic food and agriculture industry. For Fairtrade NAPP, Biofach Germany serves as an invaluable platform for showcasing organic products, engaging in vital networking opportunities, and influencing stakeholders in shaping the future market landscape. With its global reach, Biofach offers an unparalleled opportunity for brand positioning on the international stage, with over 400 media representatives from 20 countries in attendance.

The aim of attending the event were multifaceted. It spans across capacity building, fostering market connections, knowledge exposure, enhancing brand visibility, and refining sales and marketing effectiveness. A total of 12 Fairtrade producer organizations actively participated in the event wherein each contributed to the collective pursuit of these objectives. As Fairtrade ambassadors, these producers not only promoted their product but also educated other producers and consumers on Fairtrade benefits.

Biofach emerged as a vibrant hub for education, networking, business expansion, and inspiration. The event boasted various advantages for Fairtrade producer organizations. Biofach offered a dynamic platform learning, networking, business development, and inspiration within the organic and sustainable products industry. In addition, there were thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world who showcased the organic food and beverages, cosmetics, textiles, fresh fruit, and more. Therefore, our producers had the opportunity to network and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

“Biofach is a very big event with a lot of Exhibition Hall. If you go one by one, 3 days is not enough and it is not efficient to only move around that is why it is better to prepare before arriving. The FTNAPP support is very helpful for producers like us to attend in big trade fair so we can have more buyers. We want more Fairtrade and organic buyers because we can receive Fairtrade Premium. My suggestion to FTNAPP and future participant is to be more prepared. Fairtrade NAPP will connect potential buyers and SPO will contact the purchasing person from that company. Thank you, Fairtrade NAPP for the support.” – Miss. Nguyen Thi My Ngan from Truecoop – Cooperative of Organic Cashews.

During Biofach 2024, representatives took advantage of the online portal called Talque for networking and information sharing. The app provided direct access to all functions for both visitors and exhibitors. Representatives were able to set up personal profiles and peruse company and product profiles. Through the app, representatives gained exclusive insights into the hall plan, product novelties, special areas, and news posts. Moreover, it served as a platform for arranging appointments and networking with business prospects. Representatives were advised to maximize the use of the app to set up appointments with exhibitors directly via the exhibitor profiles. Representatives attended informative seminars, workshops, and panel discussions covering topics such as organic farming practices, sustainability in supply chains, market trends, and regulatory updates. Hence, it provided them with the opportunity to gain insight into the latest developments across the world.

Participants took the opportunity to explore the latest innovations and product launches across various halls and booths. It gave them an idea about numerous opportunities for sampling and learning about emerging offerings. Dedicated sessions and consultations provided insights into organic certification standards, compliance requirements, and quality assurance measures, courtesy of exhibitors and special guests from certification and compliance companies. Representatives had the opportunity to connect with National Fairtrade Organizations, gather market insights, and learn about efforts to enhance consumer awareness and promote Fairtrade initiatives.

Mr. Inam Ullah, Pakistan from Mountain Fruits (Pvt.) Ltd. states, “we thank Fairtrade NAPP for the opportunity to represent and be part of Biofach. We are able to meet our current buyers and meet potential buyers. We attended seminar and visited the Vivaness Hall. We learn a lot about organic trends in the market, consumer updates and innovative projects in order to tap more customers in Europe. We want Fairtrade and organic buyer only because we can get Fairtrade Premium that can support our business operations. We are open for conventional and organic buyer but we need to study first. I feel also that many company wanted cheaper price with good quality. If we lower our price, it will affect our cost of production. Raw materials are also expensive. And our cooperative need to comply with organic and Fairtrade compliances too.”

More than just a trade fair, Biofach epitomizes the platform where the supply and demand. It offered the representatives to gain global perspective through organic products and initiatives showcased by country specific pavilions from diverse region. The industry leaders present their companies and products to a discerning global audience. It is the cornerstone event for Fairtrade NAPP’s ongoing growth and success in the global marketplace where knowledge is gained and market dynamics are observed. Join us in the movement towards fairer and sustainable world by choosing Fairtrade-certified products and supporting small-scale farmers worldwide. Together, we can make a difference in creating a difference for all!


“Biofach Germany provided an opportunity to study and visit international fairs for organic agriculture through the various activities within the event. We got to know market trends to encourage farmers to produce and the ideas for processing produce in different ways. We also exchanged knowledge with other groups both produced the same way and different. Thank you as I attended every activity of Fairtrade NAPP’s request, based on relevance.” – Ubonrot Chanoi from Organic Agriculture Social Enterprise Innovators of Surin (OASIS).

“We were able to meet various organic producers and buyer of Fairtrade certified Tea and invite face to face meetings with clients and new prospective clients. We are able to increase our foot print, especially, in Europe with Fairtrade sales and more demand is being witnessed. In addition, we also witnessed increase in demand of Naturland products.” – Shilajit Roy Chaudhury, United Nilgiri Estates Co. Ltd. 

The main objective is to meet new potential buyers and communicate with the existing buyers about the requirement of Fairtrade organic products and understand the quality concerns. We met many of our existing buyers especially the coffee and spices buyers. And I could understand their concern on price and quality. It could help me to think of more value added products by which our farmers may benefit more. We could find out more potential buyers who are impressed with the sustainable nature of our Small Producer Organizations. In addition to the Biofach event, I could travel toRoma, Italy. I could interact with the traditional coffee brewers in the ancient city. I have spent 3 nights there in Roma and visited the coffee shops to understand the coffee market.” – Binu PJ, Kerala Agro Foundation For Fairtrade Enhancement (KAFFE).

“Biofach provided an excellent platform for networking with other food producers, potential buyers, distributors, and industry experts. We were able to explore and study, especially, market behaviour of fairtrade and organic market in mainly Europe. We also met potential customers and discussed the future trend in Fairtrade business. It was a good exposure to a wide audience of international buyers and consumers who are specifically interested in organic and fair trade products. And hope to share learned everything with my society members. Hence, we got to know that the consumer awereness is increasing about fair business where both producer and consumer benefits.” – G.K.H.Kavindya Thilakasiri, Welfare society of small scale cultivators of Dompe. 

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