Water distribution is crucial for various reasons, playing a pivotal role in sustaining life, supporting agriculture, and fostering economic development. Efficient water distribution ensures access to clean and safe water for communities, preventing waterborne diseases and promoting public health. In agriculture, it facilitates irrigation, enhancing crop yields and food security. Industries rely on water for manufacturing processes, underscoring its economic importance. Furthermore, equitable water distribution promotes social stability by addressing disparities in access. Recognizing water’s significance, responsible management and distribution strategies are essential for environmental sustainability, human well-being, and the overall resilience of societies worldwide.

Fairtrade NAPP has organised a Water Filter Distribution under the emergency relief and resilience fund to mitigate the food and energy crises by Fairtrade International in Sri Lanka. In total, 330 water filters were distributed among farmers among 6 SPOs to develop their capacity. Despite several challenges, the Fairtrade International team was able to overcome and move forward with the implementation of the project.

By addressing immediate challenges like the food and energy crises, these projects pave the way for sustainable improvements in farmers’ lives. Access to clean water not only safeguards their health but also contributes to enhanced agricultural productivity, fostering economic stability. The capacity-building components empower farmers with the knowledge and skills to navigate future hurdles, promoting self-sufficiency. Through such initiatives, Fairtrade reaffirms its commitment to creating lasting positive impacts, elevating the well-being of farmers and cultivating resilient, thriving communities in Sri Lanka.


“Safe water is a basic need not only for human beings but even for any living creature. For a healthy life, safe drinking water is a teaching of the lord Buddha. Hence, this water filter distribution has become a very important timely project.” – Ven, the village priest from Pasadul Organic Farmers’ Welfare Association.

“Safe drinking water is the most important thing for life. it will reduce all the other diseases and health issues” – Weda Mahaththaya, the Ayurvedic doctor from Kuliyapitiya Organic Farmers Association.

“This was a timely project as the power/electricity bills increased in Sri Lanka by 400% and in our area, all the wells were under flood, and we were buying drinking water from outside. This is a great help.” – Senanayake Hettiyawa, Pasadul Organic Farmers’ Welfare Association.

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