With boundless enthusiasm and unwavering determination, the conclusion of the first batch of Youth Knowledge Hub Project was conducted on December 8th in New Delhi. The workshop encompassed a comprehensive review of all activities conducted with the youth. The closing workshop was a testament to the passion and commitment of our 13 participants from 4 organizations, who presented their inspiring project proposals for potential funding.


The meeting commenced with an introductory briefing on how this platform will be a supporting pillar to promote fairtrade initiative through youth involvement. The need for promotion of youths in the agricultural space to make it more sustainable is the key mission of this hub going forward. The following session encouraged participants to share their experiences and insights gained through the Youth Knowledge Hub Programme (YKHP). Participants engaged in discussions highlighting positive learning outcomes and areas of development within the Fairtrade NAPP. The youth have shared their learning in various domains:

  1. They have honed their communication skills, particularly in the realm of English language learning.
  2. They gained insights into Fairtrade and its positive impact on farmers and communities.
  3. Their knowledge expanded in agribusiness, focusing on value additions and strategies to enhance business.
  4. They received training on cutting-edge agricultural technology, including the use of drones and mobile applications for farmers.
  5. They explored smart climate agriculture and strategies for climate resilience.
  6. Participation in the Youth Convention in Jakarta provided a valuable opportunity for engagement.

The final session focused on charting the way forward for the project proposals presented by the youth to secure funding for innovative community development initiatives. The diverse range of proposals showcased the participants’ commitment to fostering positive change. The fairtrade NAPP team provided insights, feedback, and guidance, emphasizing the importance of implementation and the potential impact of the proposed projects. The workshop concluded with a closing ceremony, expressing gratitude to all participants and facilitators for their active involvement and contributions.

This final workshop of the Youth Knowledge Hub served as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and empowerment, fostering a vibrant community of young individuals dedicated to positive change and development.

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