As a part of capacity building for sustainable coffee production, Fairtrade NAPP supported 10 agronomists from   10 coffee producer organizations in Aceh, Indonesia to attend a  Master Trainer Upgrade Program: Indonesia Coffee Export Development Training of Trainers (ToT) & Master Trainers National Meeting (MTNM) facilitated by Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI)  from Sep 3rd to 6th 2022 at Takengon, Indonesia.  The other participants included representatives of government staff, private companies, NGOs/NGOs, universities or research institutions, and coffee farmers.

Since 2015, SCOPI (Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia) has been committed to training Master Trainers using the National Sustainable Coffee Curriculum and the Good Agriculture Practices-GAP and Post-Harvest
Training Manuals on Robusta Coffee and Arabica Coffee. As part of its effort to expand the mentoring program to Arabica coffee farmers, the association collaborated with International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) and Arabica coffee farmers in Aceh Tengah Regency (which also included Fairtrade coffee producers from the region) and Karo Regency to conduct on-site training for main trainers (MT) and Arabica coffee farmers from the two regions.

The event was also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Aceh Province, Government of Central Aceh Regency, Government of  Karo Regency, Global Coffee Platform, PMO Kopi Nusantara, Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company and Pupuk Iskandar Muda.

The main aim of the training was to focus on increasing the production and quality of Arabica coffee in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra Province and Aceh Province -the two main Arabica coffee-producing regions in Indonesia.

The training covered the curriculum from National Sustainable Coffee which included sessions on:

The training covered the curriculum from National Sustainable Coffee which included sessions on:

Sustainable Arabica Coffee Production – Good Agriculture Practices.

  • Presentation by Expert Lecturer DR. Ir. Retno Hulupi, SU on land preparation, planting shading trees, planting material selection, nurseries, and planting, young crop maintenance, shading-trees management, and making wind & compost hole and filling compost/manure.
  • Presentation by Expert Lecturer Bambang Haryanto, S.P, M.Si on proper fertilizing and making organic fertilizer, pruning for production crop, rejuvenation, and grafting, and integrated pest, disease, and weed management.

Harvest and Post-Harvest Management Sustainable Arabica Coffee

  • Presentation by Expert Lecturer Ir. Cahya Ismayadi, M.Sc on green bean processing, drying, sorting, storage, Indonesia National Standard for Quality of Coffee Beans and simple coffee-cupping taste.

Field practices on

  • pruning, making rorak (ground ventilation), rejuvenation, grafting, eco-enzyme
  • POST HARVEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: In this meeting, the Representative of KBQ Baburrayyan explained about the processing flow upon arrival of coffee beans in the processing warehouse of Baburrayyan.

Through the training received the Fairtrade producers are expected to build their capacity to provide mentoring and training assistance to other Arabica coffee farmers in their region.

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