Cooperative Keto Tapasi Progress Association

Cooperative Keto Tapasi Progress Association 

Product: Coffee

FLO ID: 19926

Country: Papua New Guinea

Individual members 375

Year Fairtrade Certified: 2010

Organisation Type: Small Holder

Organisation Details

Keto Tapasi members are united by what they do best: the production of high quality Fairtrade Certified™ coffee.

Keto Tapasi overcame many cultural and territorial obstacles to set up their organisation: they conquered language barriers between tribes, and agreed upon common production and quality standards to grow their coffee.

Founded in 2008, Keto Tapasi is an association of 375 coffee producers located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The organisation is made up of 18 villages and eight clan groups. It is estimated that over 4,500 individuals receive benefits from the association.

Keto Tapasi’s chairperson proudly reports that there have been significant improvements in the association in recent years, as members are working very hard to come together as a group.

In 2011, Keto Tapasi sold a total of 34 tons of green bean to its exporter, Monpi Coffee Exports

Fairtrade Certification

Keto Tapasi achieved Fairtrade Certification in 2010.

Fairtrade Benefits/ Premium

Since then, the organisation has invested the Fairtrade Premium in 11 new coffee pulpers which is help streamline their supply chain tremendously. Apart from that, the Premium goes towards hiring  a vehicle to transport the coffee from members’ gardens to the processing mill. They have also built a new warehouse to store members’ coffee.