The 14 days lockdown period in Pakistan, has now been extended till 30th April by the Govt. ,due to the rising numbers of novel cases in the country. All the operations on field and factories of the 11 Fairtrade certified producer organizations (cotton, rice, sports ball, dry fruits, etc.), continue to remain closed until further notice. The producers have been concerned about the health and safety of their farmers and workers,  and have identified immediate continuous awareness’ building, distribution of masks, sanitizers, food and health relief packages as the prime measures to help them in fighting against the pandemic.

Masoom Sports Foundation (FLO ID 38473),  a Fairtrade rice producer distributed 200 medical kits consisting of face mask, hand sanitizer, and gloves to the families of farmer members and the general community in 5 adjacent villages. The Masoom Foundation team volunteered to personally deliver it at the door-step of the farmer members and communities, and educate them on the precautionary measures to be taken at all times.

Bolagema-Pakistan (Flo Id 33150), a Fairtrade Sportsball Producer, has distributed personal protective kits to 100 Workers and members in their community. The kit included Vitamin C supplement, medicine, hand sensitizer, and soup to last for approx. 2 months.

‘’Prevention is better than cure and by providing medicines and sanitization packs, we can build the resilience of our workers to fight against the spread of infection’’- Mr. Waseem Lodhi Managing Partner Bola Gema

Bolagema-Pakistan (Flo Id 33150) – Medical supplies being packed for distribution

Ali Trading (FLO ID 20646) and Talon Sports (Flo ID 1629), two sports ball producers have developed IEC materials to educate workers to combat COVID19. Talon Sports have placed several informative standees across their operation facilities.

As per the Govts directive, Ali Trading has developed the materials in English and Urdu (the local language), and largely circulated via whatsapp group messages to all workers and staff. They have also prepared pre-work requisites to be followed by all post the lockdown gets over:

  • To share simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace
  • To learn how to manage COVID-19 risks when organizing meetings &events
  • To consider precautionary measures when employees travel
  • To keep the workplace well prepared to fight against the future wave of COVID-19

IEC Materials were developed in english and local language by Ali Trading (FLO ID 20646)





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