Amidst rapid spread of COVID19 and continuing challenges, the Fairtrade producer organizations across the Asia Pacific continue to invest in programs to strengthen their resilience and build a stronger farming community, to prevent a long-haul with the pandemic and avert further loss of production and other resources.

Koperasi Kopi Wanita Gayo; FLO ID 31465 the first women coffee cooperative of South East Asia distributed 8 portable sinks to 6 villages in Bener Meriah Regency, where the women farmers’ reside. The portable sinks are also set up in their two processing units to ensure everyone follows hygiene at the work-place.  

Koperasi Produsen Bersama Kita Mandiri Sejahtera (Bahtera); FLO ID 39976, another coffee producer in Indonesia have also carried out educational campaigns to spread awareness on COVID19 among their members in 16 villages that are located in Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh Province of Indonesia.

Trat Fairtrade Pineapple Farmers Group, FLO ID 35111 in Thailand was established in 2008 with initially 20 members which have subsequently increased to 63 farmers covering 1,360 ha of land producing an average of 20,000 tons of pineapple yearly. The Fairtrade premium is used by the organization to improve many aspects of their farmer’s lives, including helping the less fortunate in their community. Post the COVID19 pandemic, the board committee of Trat Fairtrade Pineapple Farmers Group had a discussion with their members and made a decision to release an emergency fund from the premium amount to support the pineapple growers. The premium project was implemented in April 2020, to prevent the spread of infection among the members and to provide emergency food security for 40 families during the crisis.  The SPO distributed 40 emergency protective kits comprising of alcohol gel and masks, along with a survival food bag of rice, instant noodle, canned food, cooking oil, and sauce.




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