The rise in the number of COVID 19 cases (110,767 infected) has made Iran one of the most vulnerable countries in the Asia Pacific Region. This situation has triggered an alarming economic crisis in the country. Arghavan Dasht e Paeezan; FLO ID 28909 is the only Fairtrade certified saffron producer located in the region supporting over 50 farmers and staff engaged in field activities.  The SPO has decided to do its part in providing medical relief by distributing 600 Masks and 120 sanitizers to 55 farmers and their immediate families.

Mr. Hassan Zamani, Fairtrade Focal person mentioned that it was a team effort. While the male members purchased and packed the sanitizers, the 4 female staff members stitched the masks themselves. He further added that it was very important to educate people on the importance of wearing a mask, especially in rural areas to prevent them from getting infected and, we consider quality to be the top priority while selecting sanitizers and material for making the masks.

Three women from the organization Fareshtey Asghari, Maryam Jan Fida, Nargis Akbar Zada (ADP Staff) stitched all the masks in one day and wanted to dedicate their effort to women seasonal workers on the International Labor Day.

Similarly, in Pakistan, where hundreds of daily waged farmers and seasonal workers are deprived of their wages due to the ongoing lockdown, the team from Fairtrade cotton producer organization South Asian Sourcing Pvt. Ltd.; FLO ID 35536 continues to play an active role in organizing various relief campaigns to support them.

The team led by Bilal Bajwa and Assad Bajwa (Ex-Chairman of NAPP) visited 5 villages to distribute informative pamphlets and food relief packages to 120 Families in Muzaffargarh, South Punjab. Each food package contains groceries for a month (flour, lentils, oil, rice, and sugar).

Bilal Bajwa, South Asia Sourcing (Pvt) Limited mentions that it is a perfect time to acknowledge and honor all workers and farmers for all their tireless efforts and contributions to the agriculture sector. They have contributed immensely to the well-being of our country over the years. Therefore, we have stepped forward to help them through our relief supports to negate the effect of the catastrophe on their daily earnings.



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