In the heart of coffee land in Rembele village in Indonesia, youth leaders Desy and Dewi, have embarked on a journey along with a group of vibrant young individuals that radiates energy, positivity, and unwavering support for each other and their community. Desy and Dewi, along with their families, come from a long line of farmers in the Rembele village. Growing up in an environment where tending to crops, especially coffee, was second nature, they were well-prepared for their eventual roles as stewards of the land. However, it was only after Desy and Dewi completed their education in 2020-2021 that they fully embraced the world of coffee farming.

One of their most profound passions lies in coffee harvesting. For Desy and Dewi, it’s not just a task; it’s a season filled with anticipation and fulfilment. Coffee harvesting represents the culmination of nine months of dedicated care, from the delicate flowering stage to the moment of readiness. It’s a time when their hard work pays off, not just in the fruits of their labour but also in the ability to support their dreams and aspirations.

Desy and Dewi’s motivation to become coffee farmers stems from the understanding that ‘Coffee, for us, is more than just a crop; it’s their way of life’. Their journey has been one of self-learning and guidance from their families, transforming from mere assistance to profound expertise in coffee cultivation. Today, they find the work less challenging and more fulfilling, appreciating the flexibility it offers in managing their time.

Being young farmers presents its own set of challenges. Desy and Dewi recognize the importance of continuous learning and guidance, especially in tasks that require experience and expertise. Their journey is also marked by the seasonal nature of coffee, with two harvests per year, which can lead to income challenges during off-peak months. However, they face these obstacles with determination and a clear sense of purpose.

Their journey is significantly enriched by their membership in the Garmindo Cooperative, which operates under the Fairtrade model. ‘The cooperative has played a pivotal role in expanding our knowledge of sustainable farming practices and offering exposure to new skills and techniques. Through various training sessions, we’ve gained insights into organic fertilizer production, good agricultural practices in coffee cultivation, waste management, and coffee processing like roasting’.

Desy and Dewi, along with their fellow young coffee farmers, have a message for coffee enthusiasts worldwide: ‘As young coffee growers, we hope that the legacy of Garmindo Cooperative and Fairtrade initiatives will continue to empower farmers by enhancing our capacity in managing our farm. We hope that we can continuously offer our best coffee for the world, and at the same time this effort offer us improved prosperity and well-being, so that we can take pride in our roles as coffee custodians, for this, we call out to our coffee lovers, please think of our brighter future and smiles when you enjoy our coffee ’.

The story of Desy and Dewi, and their fellow young coffee farmers in Rembele villages, is one of resilience, determination, and community support. Their journey is a testament to the energy and positivity that young people can bring to the world of agriculture, paving the way for a brighter future not just for themselves but for the entire community. Through their dedication, they inspire youth worldwide to embrace agriculture as a pathway to success and fulfillment. On this International Coffee Day, we raise our coffee cups in salute to Desy and Dewi  and coffee farmers worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to sustainable coffee farming enriches our daily coffee experiences, and we toast to the magic they bring to our cups!

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