Fairtrade has always positioned itself as a crucial player in tea sector by fostering fairer and sustainable practices. However, a noticeable void exists in the active involvement of rural youth within the tea gardens. Addressing this gap, Fairtrade NAPP has taken a proactive step by organizing a transformative youth leadership workshop. This immersive training explores deep into the profound impact of Fairtrade on the tea industry and the local community. It aimed at comprehensive exploration of Fairtrade principles, emphasizing the urgency of youth profiling and the strategic implementation of effective techniques and tools. 24 Participants gained insight into their pivotal role in community development and regional progress.

“Thanks to NAPP for organising this event, it gave us good exposure to Fairtrade, and how we could contribute for our own community.” – Arman Rai, Jay Shree Tea & Industries Ltd.

The workshop encompassed vital topics aimed at enhancing understanding of Fairtrade and its impact on the lives of tea workers. It commenced with introductions and a discussion on participants’ expectations. An overview of Fairtrade principles was followed by an in-depth exploration of Youth Profiling, shedding light on the experiences and methods associated with it. Participants engaged in role plays to further grasp the concept. The discourse extended to community needs, emphasizing the potential leadership roles of young individuals. Focused on honing communication and leadership skills, the workshop explored into project proposal development by emphasizing the significance of assessing community needs before initiating projects. Employing interactive methods such as Q&A sessions, discussions, and group activities, the workshop effectively introduced young individuals from diverse tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam to the transformative realm of Fairtrade.

“The Workshop was very good opportunity for youths from different Fairtrade certified estates to connect and mutually learn from each other, it gave us good understanding on Fairtrade.” – Budhan Rai, Makaibari Tea Estate.

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