My name is Sindhuja. I live in Maskeliya Estate, and we are a family of 4 members. My father was a former police officer but now works as a labourer in the estate of Maskeliya  Plantations Ltd.  in Sri Lanka. My mother works as an English teacher and my younger sister is pursuing her education at a University. I was born in a middle-class family and have completed my diploma in English. Despite my education, I still had some shortcomings. I had very less confidence in public speaking and in expressing myself. Moreover, I was not involved in society’s work and was living an isolated life.

Since my father is a worker and a member of the Fairtrade plantation, we received a lot of support through the estate. During my school days, I had access to school equipment for education and health-related services, but I had very less clarity about Fairtrade. However, in 2022 I had the opportunity to go to a Youth training conducted by Fairtrade, through which I got to understand what the vision of Fairtrade was all about. I was also able to identify my potential as a change-maker under Fairtrade, it was as if I had received this opportunity to also bring out the hidden talents in me. I was trained to stand in front of people and share ideas, and realised that no one from outside will come and improve our society, it was the youth who has to take the lead in bringing the required changes.

Today I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and have gained the confidence to take decisions on my own. I am also happy to announce that post the training I have formed a committee in my area, and we are working towards bringing progressive changes in my society. This has been made possible with the support of Fairtrade and estate management.


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