Fairtrade is not just any sustainability label…it goes beyond in its commitment towards making a level playing field for the people that produce the food we survive on!

Our Vision is to be a change catalyst’… by promoting synergies and linkages throughout the value chain and from this VISION evolves our motto- DOING BUSINESS WITH A CONSCIENCE!’. This means that the value realised from each transaction is equitably shared between all the players… and so is the risk!

Markets have always remained unpredictable and volatile and in most cases, we have seen that the producers bear the brunt which results in low production and revenue.

We encourage sustainable partnerships… between all the players… so that in case of disruptions in any part of the value chain…the rest contribute and risk is divided. Fairtrade is about THIS commitment to partnership!

We celebrate the commitment of youth who are both the present and future…and on whose shoulders lies this big responsibility… to not only undo the damage of the past…but also to bring more energy and enthusiasm in making farming more resilient and sustainable.

Our impressions of COP27  have been that of mixed feelings really. The focus on Agriculture in this COP is a step forward in the right direction. We see the role of farmers being slowly recognised in the entire Climate action debate which is a big positive. The signs of backsliding on commitments made earlier…not so much! We don’t what this space to be just another platform for leaders and influencers to hear the voice of farmers and farm workers, but rather we want them to feel the desperation behind that voice and the need to act now!

Our expectations for the next COP: I hope between now and the next COP which will focus on Asia, we see some real tangible actions being taken towards funding climate adaptation and mitigation plans for Agriculture and smallholder farmers and farm workers. We can then look forward to building on this momentum in the next COP.

Our message: Farmers who are the most impacted by Climate change also have the potential to contribute to the solutions. We acknowledge the intent shown by world leaders, governments, and influencers and would now like to see them follow through on their financial commitments. The climate-related crisis is impacting all of us right from the smallest farmer or the landless farm worker to the biggest corporation….so the time to sit up and take notice is over…now it’s the time to stand up and act with a steely resolve!


Sanjeet Singh Khurana

CEO- Fairtrade NAPP



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