Fairtrade offers an alternative approach to conventional trade by fostering partnerships between producers and consumers. Its mission is to support small-scale producers and workers who have been historically marginalized due to inequitable trade terms, enabling them to benefit from fair and sustainable trade practices. Fairtrade envisions a world where all small producers and workers enjoy secure, sustainable livelihoods, realize their potential, and make decisions about their future.

Fairtrade NAPP is a network of Fairtrade-certified producers in the Asia Pacific region and is part of the global organization Fairtrade International. This organization works to secure better deals for farmers and workers in Asia and the Pacific. As members of Fairtrade International, Producer Networks have a 50% vote in the General Assembly, the highest decision-making body.

“This was my first time attending a Fairtrade International General Assembly, and I was captivated by the democratic resolution of diverse ideas. Differing viewpoints were harmonized by shared interests, all in the name of progress. The Fairtrade movement stands as a shining example of a successful social movement, championing justice for farmers and workers from the global South,” said Erwin Novianto, Interim CEO of Fairtrade NAPP.

The week from 17th to 21st June featured multiple events contributing to Fairtrade’s growth strategy. Fairtrade NAPP delegates representing producers and workers from the Asia Pacific region attended the General Assembly in Bonn. Fairtrade NAPP was represented by Mr. Pravakar Meher (Chairperson), Dr. Rosemarie Gonzales (Vice Chair), Mr. Raghavendra Shastri, and Mr. Bahadur Singh from the NAPP board, along with Mr. Erwin Novianto (Interim CEO) and Ms. Bindu Sukumarapillai (Interim COO) from the management team.

The participation of Fairtrade NAPP delegates in the Fairtrade International General Assembly underscores our commitment to fostering equitable and sustainable trade. The productive discussions and collaborative spirit witnessed at the event highlight the strength of our global network and the shared vision of justice for small-scale producers and workers. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to advocating for fair trade practices that empower communities and ensure a brighter future for all. Together, we continue to build a fairer and sustainable world.

“Attending the General Assembly of Fairtrade International was an enlightening and transformative experience. The event was a powerful convergence of passionate, members all committed to promoting Fairtrade practices and fostering sustainable development ” Bindu, Interim, COO.

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