The Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC) acts as the legal body as members of Fairtrade premium by representing all employees. In Pakistan the fairtrade premium committee plays an important role, where 6 out of 12 certified Sports Ball producers operate under Hired Labour organization structure. Continuous capacity building, reviews, and strategic planning are essential for these committees to comprehend their roles, fulfil responsibilities, and ensure compliance during audits. Fairtrade NAPP recently organized a two-day orientation for FPC members, intertwining progress review and meticulous planning for the upcoming year, 2024. In total, 19 representatives benefitted from 5 organizations from this workshop.

Over the course of the two-day training, several sessions were conducted. The introduction session included participant introductions, an overview of the FPC committee and an exploration of its structure. This was followed by an in-depth discussion conducted by Mr. Assad Bajwa on the roles and responsibilities of the FPC. On the second day, the FPC meeting commenced with a presentation on the country’s progress. Each FPC presented their progress, with Mr. Malik Jameel, the director and the regional coordinator of Fairtrade NAPP joining the session to provide insights into the Fairtrade NAPP RC setup. Additionally, he initiated a quiz session, engaging all participants to assess their two days of learning on FPC matters.

Profound transformations resonate within organizations. FPC Members will disseminate and apply the acquired knowledge to educate fellow FPC members within their respective systems. The composition of the Fairtrade Premium Committee mirrors the diversity of the workforce, considering factors such as gender, work areas, community membership, union affiliation, and, where relevant, migrant,

temporary/seasonal, and subcontracted workers. This inclusivity also extends to owners/beneficiaries of the Fairtrade Premium and any property obtained through the Fairtrade Premium.

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