Ever wondered how a simple act of collaboration could turn the tide against some of our era’s toughest challenges? Fairtrade International via the funding from BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) collaborates with Fairtrade NAPP to support fairtrade producers through the Food Security Support Project under producer resilience fund. The project aims at mitigating the food and energy price crisis under the Emergency Relief and Resilience Fund, specifically targeting producers’ recovery from the Ukraine-Russia war. Curiosity piqued? Let’s explore a producer visit initiative led by Fairtrade NAPP to oversee the implementation of the food security support project. Notably,24 families of 16 female members and 8 male members from the Nong Luang Muang Khai Community Enterprise in Thailand has benefited from this support. 

During first activity, the fairtrade team provided crucial insights into the BMZ project’s funding and implementation in Thailand and Laos to the producers. A strategic management plan was developed after a constructive discussion between the chairwoman and members focused on machine management, handling, and maintenance. The second activity focused more on practical learnings such as the participants unwrapped the oven, conducted a machine test, and identified a power overload issue. The group then planned to increase the breaker capacity, rerun the machine test, and report findings for further implementation of the management strategy devised.  

“The BMZ project proves highly beneficial, aligning perfectly with our needs through its comprehensive support program. By facilitating our access to essential tools, it empowers us to address future challenges. We can efficiently process excess products into dry goods, preserving or selling them as new products with enhanced value.” – Sirinporn Hongchai, Nong Luang Muang Khai Community Enterprise. 

In wrapping up this project, the impact on our producer members is evident, with lasting benefits. The provision of a valuable tool has not only elevated the quality of their products but has also contributed to a significant boost in their income. The meticulously devised equipment management strategy, featuring a comprehensive logbook, ensures the systematic recording of crucial data for each drying operation. This includes user details, date and time of machine operation, operation conditions, drying product specifics, production volume, and operation fees. The income generated from these charges is earmarked for future maintenance costs. Moving forward, the SPO is committed to disseminating the oven management strategy to all members in the upcoming meeting. This underscores Fairtrade’s unwavering commitment to fostering positive change.  

“I am happy to learn that Fairtrade brings us more than a secure market. The support of Fairtrade by providing a good tool will improve our income. earlier, the undegraded products like small lemongrass were discarded in the field, resulting in a loss for us. With the introduction of the oven, we now have the opportunity to transform these small lemongrasses into a valuable product like lemongrass tea. This not only minimizes waste but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation.” – Boonyaporn Miwanpia, Nong Luang Muang Khai Community Enterprise. 

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