Trade Fairs serve as dynamic platforms where industry leaders meet, exchange ideas, and stay ahead of emerging trends. This as a result, fosters innovation and invaluable connections. Today, the trade fair, Fruit Logistica covers the entire spectrum of the agricultural value chain in the fresh produce industry. The consumers hence, can find the complete range of products, services and technical solutions from every part of the value chain – whether in seed, fruit and vegetable development or packaging and automation More than 80% of the international trade visitors are decision-makers. Held in Berlin, Germany, Fruit Logistica stands tall as the pinnacle of trade fairs that connects and provides direct access to global markets to producers, buyers, and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Today, Fairtrade Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP) has made its mark in fostering growth, sustainability, and community among farmers and producers in Asia-Pacific Region. Given the opportunity to connect, Fairtrade NAPP, along with the representatives of 8 representatives from 7 producer organizations had participated at the Fruit Logistica from 7th to 9th February, 2024. 5 Indian producers showcased their grapes and Baby corn produce, while, 2 Sri Lankan producers showcased their Fruits and Coconut produce. The objective of our participation was to increase brand awareness, to promote and introduce NAPPs products, services, and various sustainable development initiatives. It provided an opportunity for our producers to showcase their products with their profile, brochures and samples to different customers and offer their products to the importers/ buyers. With a shared vision of capacity building and market linkage creation, our mission resonated through the halls that echoed the aspirations of every farmer.

Rohan Patil from Vinifex Agro Producer Company Ltd shares, ‘The market for our Fairtrade Grapes is limited. The Fruit Logistica has helped us to interact with more customers to promote higher sales of Fairtrade grapes and increase Fairtrade portfolio to Fairtrade pomegranates and raisins. The event was organised very well. and we request Fairtrade and supermarket chains to work together to generate awareness among end retail customer about importance of Fairtrade in ensuring fair prices for the farmer.”

At Fruit Logistica, our producers’ actions spoke louder than words. Through various meetings with potential buyers and unwavering determination, they established a new partnership and laid the foundation for future collaborations. In addition, it provided an opportunity of market linkage creation and building of contacts by visiting different exhibitors. Meetings were held at Fairtrade booth with NFOs including Fairtrade Germany with Ms.Corina Nienhaus, Ms. Angela Stolze, Ms Cyrielle Digout from Fairtrade Max Havelaar France, Mr. Thomas Meyer- Max Havelaar Switzerland, Guilia From Fairtrade Italy.  Producers also interacted with Mr. Thomas Meyer and others to discuss the possibilities of increasing the business with different countries in Europe. From showcasing premium grapes and baby corn to fruits and coconut delights, our producers left an impressive mark on the international stage.

The ripple effect of their presence at Fruit Logistica were felt far and wide. Given the three main segments as the focal point of Fruit Logistica, producers acquired valuable insights in Machinery, Technology and Logistics, including Smart Agri and Greenhouse. Fairtrade producers received keen inquiries from customers who sought out producers with ethically sourced and organic-certified offerings. There was a good market potential for coconut products. There are some buyers in Switzerland showing interest in Gherkins and baby corns. While some exhibitors favoured local produce, grapes and coconut producers found resonance in the European markets. There are some buyers in Switzerland showing interest in Gherkins and baby corn.

Year after year, the international fruit trade and the entire value chain contribute immensely to the healthy nutrition of people worldwide. In many countries, fruit and vegetables are also important economic factors. Armed with recent insights, strengthened connections, and unwavering determination, Fairtrade NAPP and its partners march onward. By participating in this trade fair, our producers have the opportunity to engage with potential consumers. Support our producers by choosing fairtrade products and drive to make this world fairer and more sustainable. Together, we persist in redefining the boundaries of possibility, one fruit at a time.

“This trade fair was pivotal for us. With the help of Fairtrade NAPP staff, Mr. Manoj, we think that we will be able to initiate export activities with a customer who discussed with us.” – Mahesh Gamage of Gampaha Kabanika Govinge Sangamaya.


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