Meet Our Youth Leader

Q. What does being a youth leader mean to you?
A. Being a youth leader means endless opportunities for you to develop your personality and gain knowledge, and use that to help others. I was a very silent girl, never spoke to anyone, but after the experience, I got through gender training I interact with everyone, and prioritizing to share this knowledge with other teenage girls. It is very special to me.

Q. As a youth leader, what is one main objective/ goal you would like to achieve in 2020 and how ?
A. Currently, I am the only youth in my organization, therefore, I want to establish a ‘Youth Council’. I have started going through all the organization files, to collect names of children belonging to our farmers and include them in the council. I would like them to use this forum to express themselves and create new ideas. I am studying agriculture and I will guide them on how to be Fairtrade farmers as it provides a secure future. Many farmers from our region are living a better life than before through Fairtrade, therefore, I would also like to see these teenagers develop themselves through agriculture and lead a good life.

How do you think the learnings from the ‘EU Workshop on Support to greater participation of young producers in NAPP’ will help you in achieving your above goal?
Through this training, I got to know more about various Fairtrade opportunities and the ways to grow and come forward with Fairtrade to make our future bright. We did some exercise on Leadership through which we could identify our certain barriers as leaders and we were provided solutions to overcome those barriers.