NAPP Consultant, Team of FT NAPP Producer Members with Fairtrade Germany

Every year Fairtrade NAPP in collaboration with Fairtrade Germany supports producers from across Asia and the Pacific region to participate, promote, and position their organic and Fairtrade-certified products at Biofach- the World’s largest event for organic food products. As the event brings in worldwide customers, businesses, and partners to network and meet personally in a comparable way, it is an ideal platform for the producers to cross-learn, build contacts and analyse the market requirement and position themselves for the competition at the same time.

This year 11 officials from 07 Fairtrade producer organisations were selected to showcase some of the key range of organic products from the region (organic herbs and spices, rice, tea, coffee, and fresh fruits). As there was no physical Fairtrade Booth this year, FT NAPP supported the producers by matchmaking their products with the sourcing requirement of Fairtrade licensees present at the Exhibition and helping them work on the meeting strategy. Approx. 100+ meetings were conducted during the period of 04 days of the events. More support was also provided through Fairtrade Germany through the ITC booth.

Key Outcomes:

  • The producers had the opportunity to network with like-minded people from the Fairtrade and organic industry from across the globe.
  • Cross-learning about organic and good agriculture practices through other organic producers and farmer organisations at the event
  • Strengthening relationships with existing buyers and commercial partners at the event.
  • Leading dialogues on producers’ market challenges, opportunities, and trends across Europe with the team from Fairtrade Germany, sharing premium impacts and other activity focus and progress with the NFO.
  • Building relationships with new prospects, potential partners, and exhibitors via direct meetings at the event.
  • Showcasing and building the visibility of unique Fairtrade and organic certified products from the Asia and Pacific region which have export potential in the country such as rice, herbs and spices, fresh fruits etc
  • Exploring European Organic markets, trends, and forecast for organic products. Example:
  • Rice is mainly sourced by importers from Italy, but the volume consumed is less and not much in demand; the market is constant.
  • The high cost of logistic for importing coffee from India hampers the market opportunity as the prices from Africa/ Latin America is available at a cheaper price. Inputs were taken from producers on how to increase its potential. Retail marketing may help increase its consumption. The premium Price redefining for Coffee could be an option for the future.

Producers Speak

Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivara has been devoted and relentlessly to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and encouraging farmers into Organic Agriculture. It is our humble effort to bring the best food products from their origin to every kitchen. Interestingly, most of our Farmer Projects are certified as Fairtrade. The experience of participation at Biofach 2023 was extremely good and each and every moment of the participation has been fruitful and constructive.  We had a booth at the India Pavilion arranged by APEDA where we attended several prefixed meetings and walk-in customers. We had nearly 28+ prefixed meetings with major reputed companies in Europe and nontraditional markets.  Many of them are very potential and convertible to a good long-standing business. One of the prospects was meeting with the biggest retail chain in Germany who provided us with their requirements and the first order is expected in the near future. We also had a meeting with an impressive customer who is ready for a private label contract with us for their Spice range, and with a Switzerland customer who needed Bio Suisse certification and we already have the same. They have given their quantity requirement in bulk.  Another potential meeting was with a Netherlands customer who has already promised to give the Purchase order in the coming months and asked us to start all pre-order formalities.

Overall the Trade Fair has been very positive for us and we have clearly created a mark on every customer with our presence and approach and have categorised them with priorities and ranking for us to follow-up and service in a better way. Some of them were keen to have a long terms supply arrangements with us and even a few wanted us to be part of their global projects.

Raghevendra Shastry ; Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivara; India

We had a lunch meeting with one of the biggest retail chains in Germany and they have given us the future requirements and the first order is expected soon. We also had a meeting with an impressive customer who is ready for a private label contract with us for their Spice range. There is also a possibility of a purchase order from one of our Netherland customer in the coming months who have asked us to start all pre order formalities

Siddarth Hegde; Malenadu Savayava Krishi Parivara; India

We participated with a keen desire to learn about what manufacturers around the world are doing and how quality products are accepted worldwide. We also wanted to learn about diverse organic farming methods such as commodity processing, vegetables, and Demeter bio-organic farming. The Asia booth showcasing vegetable processing in India and organic farming was very interesting because its ecosystem is similar to Thailand. Demeter bio-organic farming concept of restoring life and abundance to the ecosystem can help us restore the quality of rice fields.

We also got to know about the global demand for trending organic products. We must think about and develop the quality of our products as a manufacturing organization. The most challenging aspect for us would be to carry out the planned production plan due to climate change resulting in variability. These are situations that we cannot control, so we may adopt a precision farming system with a climate tracker to cope with the changing weather.

Nupong Nakbat; Sisaket Creative Farming Network Community Enterprise

The main aim was to understand the expectations of buyers in terms of quality , pricing & social aspects, to meet producer networks in Europe and other countries, to network with commercial partners, and exchange our thoughts for organic and FT-certified products.  This platform has provided me the opportunity to further develop my competencies and skill through global exposure. We have met new Fairtrade prospects through whom we can generate more premiums to support the social & economic development of small & marginal producers. The other social standard such as Naturland Fair is available in the market and aggressively promotes their products which can affect the Fairtrade market.

The demand for Fairtrade rice is decreasing in the international market and we need an international marketing representative of rice under Fairtrade International. The organic & Fairtrade market is also facing a lot of problems over the last two years which could further impact our market such as the ban of 5 main Certification bodies by the EU.

Mukesh Kumar Sharma; Nature Pearls Group of Small Organic Farmers Gharana

Our main focus was to find new markets in Germany especially wholesale buyers for our organic and Fairtrade certified coffee. It was a  very good experience in learning about technologies and innovations in brand building, packaging, art works. As per the current market trend in Europe or in Germany there are a lot of competitors and we need to ensure the quality of products meets the customers expectations, especially the products from LDC countries as we must follow the QC standard of importing countries.

Khamphanh Koethavy; Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative (CPC); Laos

I got the chance to meet all the FT NAPP participants and the team from FT Germany at the Africa ITC alliance booth. I had one important meeting with a fresh mango importer who is currently sourcing in Thailand. They have asked us to send samples. I also met several fresh fruit buyers and discussed new opportunities to export mangoes,  dried and preserved jackfruit bulbs, fine apples, dried herbs, etc.


Through APEDA Pavilion we had a booth to display our products and also promote our Fairtrade products. This was my first visit to Biofach, and it was a great learning experience and exposure for me.  I think there is both opportunity and competition especially in terms of pricing among the suppliers, but there is scope for business.


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