Coffee is an integral part of Italian culture with a preference for high-quality coffees. According to Eurostat statistics, Italy is the second-largest importer of green coffee beans in Europe, after Germany, and is projected to register a CAGR of 2.3% during the forecast period (2022-2027).  In 2018 it sourced 97% of its imports directly from producing countries and can be seen as a potential market for the growth and expansion of high-quality Fairtrade-certified coffee.

With an aim to promote the unique profile of  Fairtrade coffee beans from the Asia Pacific region in the Italian Market, Fairtrade NAPP collaborated with Fairtrade International, other Producer Networks, and Fairtrade Italy to participate in the World of Coffee  in Milan, Italy from the 23rd to 25th June 2022. A Call for the Nomination of Producers from various coffee-producing countries was conducted to select eligible ambassadors to strengthen and build networks with commercial partners and businesses in the country.  02 Producer organizations from Vietnam were selected to represent NAPP at the event and were supported by a Program Consultant from Indonesia.

The event saw coffee professionals from over the world come together and it served as a great opportunity for the producers to network with like-minded individuals.  With a record 11,000+ attendees from over 137 countries and 350 exhibiting companies showcasing the latest products and services available to the industry, it was a great exposure visit for the producers.  The platform provided them with access to knowledge and information on current market trends, opportunities, new technologies in coffee agri-business.

Some of the key activities attended by the producers and NAPP staff include:

  1. B2B Meetings with exhibitors and potential commercial partners ( Rehms, Hacofco, List+Beisler , Volcafe, Templemann Kaffee, Wakefield, Ally coffee; Sandalj, Herz New York, WalterMatter, CCI Importer, Olam Specialty Coffee, Falcon coffees, Touton, Volcafe Select, Julius Meinl, Cafeimport among others
  2. Visit to Roasters Village to find out potential roasters in the local market
  3. Attending the Cupping session
  4. Attending the Lecture on Carbon Climate and coffee presented by Monica Firl, FI Senior coffee manager.
  5. Networking event with ICO and Sustainable Harvest:  Sustainable harvest facilitated the participation of youth from several countries, including Indonesia, to attend the event. It was seen as a great social networking for the producers. Discussions on Living Income project in Indonesia were also led with ICO who plan to introduce the Living income concept to the Covernment of Indonesia and do an intervention at the policy-making level.
  6. Meeting with VUNA for discussion on Fairtrade Coffee School
  7. Meeting with Fairtrade Italy to understand the demand and trend for Fairtrade coffee in Italy

Post the participation of Eatu Fair Service Agricultural Cooperative at the event, I  was contacted by companies to introduce specialty coffee from our Cooperative. This has been very beneficial for us not only in  promoting our coffee but also gaining  experience in  the business of the coffee industry. 

Tran Dinh Trong; Eatu Fair Service Agricultural Cooperative, Vietnam 

The event is a good chance for coffee producers to meet both their existing buyers to thank them for their support as well as potential buyers to explore possibilities to expand the market. 

It has been a great experience update oneself on the  consumer demand and new technologies in the coffee industry. Fairtrade NAPP should continue to support producers to join such Trade Fairs and organise as many official meeting  as possible with buyers at the  Fairtrade booth.


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