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Strengthening of Green Gold Cooperative, Myanmar through knowledge sharing on‘Coffee Production to Marketing’, by CPC- Coffee Producer Cooperative, Laos 

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For newly certified Fairtrade Producer Organizations to transform and strengthen their farmers must be empowered with knowledge, skill, and entrepreneurship. For Fairtrade to develop it is essential that its Producer organizations develop and a Producer Organization can only develop if its farmers are well trained and empowered.

The Green Gold Cooperative team at CPC Village Centre

CPC- Coffee Producer Cooperative – a Fairtrade certified coffee producer has therefore adopted a viable model of producer organizations strengthening one another, by imparting training, providing adequate support and cross-learning. The training was provided to a newly certified Fairtrade Coffee Cooperative, Green Gold Cooperative, Myanmar in cooperation with Malongo, the buyer of Green Gold Coop coffee from Europe.

Green Gold Cooperative got Fairtrade certified in 2019 and has been undergoing training at CPC to understand the ‘know-how’ of Fairtrade coffee supply chain process -starting from farm to export. This is the third training that CPC has provided. The recent training from 7-9 January involved the sharing of knowledge on the entire process from production till marketing. The training composed of harvesting, cleaning, drying, processing, storage, and exporting processes. If such models were to be replicated by every other organization, it could lead to the emerging of many more success stories and a stronger Producer Network within the system.

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