After the successful conclusion of our General Assembly in March, the first meeting of the New Board of Directors was held on 3rd and 4th April in Bangalore, India. We were glad to be joined by Lynette Thorstensen, who welcomed all the Fairtrade NAPP Directors on board and expressed how their appointment was a clear recognition of their Leadership skills, experiences, and commitments to the Fairtrade mission. She confided on how their presence will bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that will help the Fairtrade system navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and achieve its overall goals and mission.

Acknowledging the successes and challenges of Fairtrade NAPP she mentioned it was time to dive deeper into Fairtrade’s NAPP strategy towards 2025 and direct the focus to the years to come to be able to continue driving growth and impact for farmers and workers across the world. She also touched upon the importance of compliance and its emphasis on upcoming legislation on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence, and how it is going to be a game changer for every actor across the supply chain. The meeting was followed by a 02-day field trip to South India to understand the Fairtrade impacts and challenges on ground for the producers.

Her visit has surely been a wonderful support and encouragement for our Board and producer members!

‘I was very much inspired by the visit to the Fairtrade Mango producer organization. I could see farmers cultivating different varieties of  Mango. The Biodynamic farming followed by the farmers is very impressive. It is nice to see the Integrated pest management techniques and Good Agriculture Practices followed by the members of the cooperative. On-farm production of Vermicompost as an organic input is quite encouraging. It is nice to see the agricultural machinery and equipment being used by the farmers which was funded under the FI Resilience fund. The farmers are getting good support from NAPP. Mother India farms is supporting the cooperative in Value addition of Mango into Mango Pulp and exporting to different countries.”– Lynette on her visit to Annamalaihalli Ganga Kaveri Mango Grower Society.

“ Organic method of Pest control by using locally available plant resources by the farmers of Anandhi Texstyles is very impressive. Nice to see the cotton Cultivation and production of lint cotton (Cotton Fibers) in the ginning unit. Good usage of Fairtrade Premium funds by the cooperative. Good to note that the CP is in a transition phase to SPO’– Lynette on her visit to Anandhi Texstyles Pvt. Ltd. 

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