Masoom Support foundation is a Fairtrade Small Producer Organisation in Pakistan, currently supporting 115 rice farmers. Their Premium Projects investment is based on a consultation with their farmer members after conducting a needs assessment of the farmers, their families, and communities during their Annual General Assembly.

The Tree Planting mission has been one of their prime Fairtrade Premium projects that began in 2020 when a young farmer employee and executive member of Fairtrade body at Masoom Foundation – Muhamad Usman decided to start the campaign with the slogan ‘Plant a Tree to Save Life’ in order to address Climate Change in Pakistan.  Ever since then the Producer organisation has continued its journey to planting trees in order to clean the air pollutants and provide the community with fresh and clean air. As trees naturally filter dirty water and protect against soil erosion, the community also gets access to clean water and healthy soil that help preserve the biodiversity in the region. The plantation can help maintain atmospheric temperature and save the community from global warming.

In Feb 2023, 800 Sukh chain tree, 800 Bakain tree, 400 Kinnow tree, 800 Amrud tree, 400 Kachnar tree and 800 lemon tree were planted. With climate change at its peak,  tree plantation has become a necessity. The organisation believes it is the only solution to saving the earth from pollution and protecting the wildlife and the local eco system. 

“Countries worldwide have now started focusing on increasing the rate of tree plantation to make the earth a safer place to live for future generations. It should be everyone’s responsibility to prevent deforestation. Tree planting is also cost-effective and one of the effective ways to save the soil, control pollution, and mitigate climate change. – Masoom Support foundation





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