Created as a joint venture between  Florinvest of Switzerland and Sri Lankan investors in 1980, Tropiflora (Pvt) Limited has become the pioneer grower in ornamental cut flowers and foliage in Sri Lanka.

The company operates two farms namely Handessa Farm and Lena Farm. Handessa Farm was established in the central province on a plot of a former tea estate and Lena Farm was established in  North Western province with the main goal to enter large-scale production of Kentia Palm.

With a mission to cultivate and export high-quality tropical foliage to florists, bouquet makers, and supermarkets worldwide,  Tropi Flora lays special focus on social and ecological sustainability. Their holistic approach has resulted in the abstinence from many common pesticides which makes their greens free from residues of problematic agents such as Neonicotinoids and Acephate.

To further strengthen its mission, it got certified as  Fairtrade multiestates in 2004 (FLO ID 4960 ). The Fairtrade premium generated through the sales is invested in returning to the people ( workers, their families, and communities) that are dedicated to and passionate about their craft.  Some of the premium projects include farm-based grocery store for their workers to purchase staple food and daily use items at wholesale prices, microloans for scholarships for talented children of employees, distribution of sports and school equipment, improvements in drinking water, and sanitary facilities at the employee’s homes. Roof and wall construction at the worker’s homes, wells, and other home developments, annual health care checks, etc.

180 experienced and dedicated employees work in the company which sources from a network of long-term partner- growers of approx. 70 family-owned businesses. Around 800 families profit directly or indirectly from the foliage business.

The enviable tropical climate permits Tropiflora to offer wide and deep assortments that are available throughout the year. Plant tops are harvested according to the orders received, cleaned and packed in two packing stations, and exported.

Its marketing and sales are done from the Swiss head office near Zurich Airport which allows them to provide their client an extended availability through the time zones. It currently exports to 13 countries in the Eurasian and oceanic region, fulfilling diverse requirements in terms of product range, packing, taste in colour harmonies, certification, and logistics.

Other certifications of the company include Global GAP since 2014 and GRASP since 2020.  




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