In present-day Pakistan, the country is confronted with a significant energy crisis that has widespread implications, particularly in rural areas. These regions suffer from a severe shortage of electricity that is aggravating the already challenging living conditions. The skyrocketing prices of petroleum, which serves as a crucial energy source, have led to exorbitant electricity costs. As a result, individuals with lower incomes are unable to afford the necessity of electricity which further widens the socio-economic disparities. This energy crisis not only hampers daily life activities but also impedes economic growth and development, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions and equitable access to electricity for all segments of society.

Masoom Support Foundation (MSF) is a certified Small Producer Organization that consists of 115 farmers in Kamoke, Pakistan. One of the main aims of the foundation is to facilitate the advancement of rural individuals in terms of their socioeconomic growth. After conducting a thorough study of these issues, the organization devised a project by utilizing the Fairtrade premium amount to address the problem by providing free green energy systems to their member farmers. This project aimed to offer cost-saving benefits to small producers by reducing their monthly electricity expenses. A purchase committee, consisting of technical experts, was established to evaluate and acquire an affordable system that could provide 24-hour electricity. Furthermore, a contract was made with a skilled technician to install the systems in different locations for everyone. 

The organization took a commendable step forward by procuring comprehensive solar energy systems for each of the 115 farmers. These systems consist of solar energy panels, electricity storage batteries, charging systems, and 12-volt fans. Understanding the financial constraint, the organization covered 70% of the overall cost, while the individual farmers contributed the remaining 30% of the budget. This collaborative effort has yielded remarkable results, as now every farmer is able to reap the benefits of round-the-clock free electricity in at least 1 room. The presence of a functioning 1 fan and 1 light has brought significant relief and enhanced comfort to their lives.

The positive outcomes of the initiative have sparked a newfound enthusiasm among the farmers, who are now strong advocates for the replication of similar initiatives in the future. They have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of solar energy systems and the tangible improvements it has brought to their lives. The availability of free and reliable electricity has not only enhanced their productivity but has also improved their overall quality of life. Moreover, these initiatives contribute to environmental sustainability by promoting the utilization of green and clean energy sources. By harnessing the power of the sun, the farmers are actively reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing their reliance on fossil fuels. The adoption of such initiatives notonly benefits the farmers but also plays a vital role in advancing the global transition towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


“I am very happy with this initiative. We have free electricity 24 hours a day and I enjoy the facility of a fan in my room with my children every time, especially when the electricity is off. I highly recommend repeating this project again and increasing the capacity from one room to a complete home.’’ Says Mr. Muhammad Asif Dogar

“This is a very interesting and positive initiative of the Masoom Support Foundation. There is a big support for the small producers. With the availability of electricity every time, this is decreasing our per month electricity expenditures. I highly recommend Masoom Support Foundation repeat and develop these kinds of projects for small farmers. Thank you very much.’’  says Mr Amir.

‘’First of all, I am very thankful to Masoom Support Foundation for this support. There is Energy and electricity crisis, especially in our village areas. In the current hot weather, we cannot sleep when the electricity is off. We were spending our nights without proper sleeping in the dark. Now we have at least a small system of green energy and electricity for 24 hours and we are enjoying this. Thank you, Masoom Support Foundation, thank you Fairtrade’’-Says: Mr. Amjad Ali.

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