Vision Technologies Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Vision Technologies Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Product: Sportsball

FLO ID: 1631

Country: Pakistan

Year Fairtrade Certified: 2005

Individual Members: 302

Organisation type: Hired Labour

Organisation Details

Vision Technologies Corporation was established in 2000 and is located in Sialkot district, Pakistan.

Fairtrade Certification

VTC became Fairtrade because of Fairtrade’s philosophy and concept.

Fairtrade Benefits/ Premium

The Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC) has initiated welfare projects for women workers, especially with a focus on ensuring their security and comfort while commuting to work by offering a free pick up and drop service.

The premium has been invested in health, education and environment. In one project, 556 students received scholarships. For Ramadan, 515 workers received a Ramzan package, while 204 employees were examined for diabetes as part of a medical camp in 2013. Both the organization and the FPC have set up a water treatment plant for the workers and the community.

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